So how exactly does one launch a business on an existing platform?

We wanted to know, too.

“Any person that takes the time to comment on your photo deserves a comment back.”

set a specific rhythm:

Make a logo that you like to clearly show your strength in what you want to do. An email for people you want to connect with. Then, introduce a site that briefly shows what “Comes Soon” and a place to receive emails. We used Launchrock, which took less than 10 minutes to run.

Plan your content:

You will need the qualified content that release your brand. It’s very important to create a structure that people can recognize you by it. At first, it’s much easier to post pictures or videos. We wanted to share the characteristics of the mothers who are with their children and share their stories. This is what people expect to see when they come to our page. Note that the Instagram is a photography program whose images should be clear, beautiful and interesting.

Remember that timing is important:

To post your content in the best hours of the day and collect lots of followers to expand your business, use Iconosquare to see what time your followers are online. Finally, you can use Latergramme to schedule your post (so If you’re tired and in bed, while your users are online, technology can do your job).

Create harmonies between pins and photos:

Make sure your pictures and videos are aligned with your brand – especially if you tag a few people in your post. Visual coordination is really important because when people come to your page in less than a second, they decide to follow you without having to spend much of their time to check the whole content. Use similar colors or identical filters for your photo.

Contemplate with like-minded people:

Find bloggers who are content owners and those who have more followers. Like their photos, introduce yourself and follow some of their key accounts. These are people who can potentially help you grow.

Stay in touch with your Followers:

Anyone who takes time to comment on your photo deserves to be answered by you. Because they are loyal to the rest of your followers, most of them grow with your brand. Most importantly, take time to visit their page and read their captions, and show that you are real. In programs like Instagram, everything can be great and beautiful, but behind all of them are people who have their own story. Be sure to have a brand that is worthy of true communication. Then you will see a multiplier result.

Learn from the community:

Initially, when your brand is focused only on the Instagram, it’s seriously hard to be part of this community and listen to what’s going on outside. Instagram is a place to share, so you can do market research by asking the right questions. Listen to what the community says about you and never have the fear of moving your business to change.

Find new customers and members:

One of the best ways to introduce your company is to communicate the brand you are looking for and who you want to introduce your product. Use Direct message to communicate. The Instagram is great because it is accessible to all users so Take the advantage of it. You can participate with other brands through this program, and by posting, you can interact with each other and communicate.

Keep track of your growth everyday:

If people respond positively, you can see Instagram growing steadily, and you do not need to invest in marketing costs first. If your growth is slow or like snails, you need something Change. It will not happen overnight, but over time, you will build a community of people who want to see your work and you have the statistics to promote your business with all you need.