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Automatic welcome message on Twitter

Connect with customers or new followers with a welcome message!

Twitter welcome direct message (DM)

A welcome message is the first communication business would have to greet new users or introduce the company itself. This would keep your profile in their direct message box, which leads to visiting your profile more and more. Having a conversation on Twitter would increase the engagement rate and impressions of posts. Welcome messages can contain any media like video, image, or URL. You can attach an image to attract your follower’s attention toward your profile.

Why Twitter auto welcome DM?

More followers’ engagement

Compare to other forms of messages, welcome messages would have the highest level of engagement. As such, automatic greeting DM gives an organization the ideal opportunity to engage and persuade new followers to take action.

Save time

Once New followers were a few minutes later, given welcome messages automatically; therefore, your business is prevented from having to communicate manually with new leads, tasks that often take time. You can begin a Twitter welcome message campaign with Instazood, and let the system do the rest.

Increase customers loyalty

Organizations establish positive connections with consumers with the right welcome message campaigns. What is it like? Such messages enable you to develop a sense of trust. For instance, a message like “Welcome John to our page!” John’s going to feel a sense of safety and trust. The brand that sent the message would make the followers feel loyal to that brand.

Make Connections

Another way of getting messages welcome to encourage customer loyalty is by encouraging readers to connect with a company. Such auto-messages allow companies or even individuals account holders to attach the links of their websites, blogs, and social media accounts, which increase the traffic and

How it works?

Sending a welcome message is a piece of cake with the Instazood DM tool. Follow a simple three-step to get into a new world of business using Twitter, welcome DM.

1.Sign up to the dashboard

Sign up to the system by a message address and enter your social panel.

2. Add a Twitter account

You should already have a Twitter account to add to the dashboard. Add an account simply by your username and password.

3. Active the Twitter auto welcome DM

Once you add the Twitter account automatically, you would see the auto Twitter DM in front of you.

4. see list of sent message

There is an opportunity to find posts through Instagram posts finder. Share the posts you found directly to the Instagram account. Edit or add any captions that is needed.