Greetings, people! Today I’m going to talk about my least favorite Instagram captions because admit it; some users post peculiar things out there! I may post stupid stuff too; I have to admit. Some Instagram captions can be funny or exciting, but talking about the worst is just much more fun, isn’t it?

1- Captions that are long as hell

We all have that one friend who always posts pictures with extended captions, and we are too lazy, and we don’t care enough to read it all, but we are still curious enough to know what they wrote? Well, this is what I’m talking about. Honestly, if you have so much to say about a photo, then you should create a blog, for the love of god!! That’s WAY too much for a little caption!

2- Captions that are too corny way!

No one likes corny. Of course, we all can get corny, and it’s not our fault, but sentimental things tend to make me feel nauseated.

You know those quotes your colleagues google to put them as captions for their photos? Those are the quotes that make you ask yourself if you really know them? Because in my case, I have followers who are totally fine, not corny at all, and then I go through their feed on Instagram, and all captions are corny as BFF bracelets.


“I miss those fun moments with you guys, but we have to commit ourselves to always stay together no matter what happens. You guys are the best thing I have in my life!”

3- # Captions!

Do not try to make up for your absence of caption ideas by adding every popular hashtag to your picture. A few specific, relevant hashtags are enough. They can help other users find your post. But if you’re tagging every word you can think of, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Do not add a giant block of hashtags instead of a real caption. This way Everyone who sees that post will judge you.

4- Inspirational captions for a selfie!

Ok! We got it! You think you look great! Why else would you be posting a selfie? If you post a lot of selfies, you’ll have people wondering whether you are a narcissist or something! Even when you’re just having a fabulous hair day, but don’t make it worse by captioning one of those cheesy “inspirational” Instagram quotes on your selfie. The quote presumably has nothing to do with your picture. Also, it’s a cheap excuse for posting another selfie when you can’t think of anything more delightful to shoot.

Inspirational quotes of vague origin are the worst. So don’t try too hard by using them as a selfie caption.

5- Captions that aren’t related to your picture!

If you usually use the same block of hashtags in your captions, chances are you have them saved on your device. However, please think twice before copy_pasting them for all of your Instagram captions because some of them may not be related to your picture. Your captions should be at least a little related to the images they accompany.

14 Worst Instagram Captions You Should Never Use

6- Separated captions

Sometimes, you’re doing something so exciting that you want to post more than a single picture of it. However, if you’re going to do that, at least take some time to write decent Instagram captions for each of them. Just using “part one,” “part two,” and “part three,” as their caption is pretty dull. It also means you’re preceding the chance to give your followers a little bit of context on where you are or what you are doing. It’s not the worst Instagram crime in the world. However, it can get annoying if you make a habit out of it.

7- Captions that try to exaggerate everything

You know those friends who are living a good life and write captions like their life is unbelievably tough and awful. Moreover, it makes me mad because there are people who have it worse than them out there and don’t even have the chance to complain about it. Of course, I consider myself guilty of posting things on twitter complaining about silly things, but I’m not trying to make people think my life is difficult or anything.

For example:  “Last night I barely slept, and today I woke up sick and had two exams, yay! 🤧 #Sickday #tired Can’t wait to sleep tonight!! 😴

14 Worst Instagram Captions You Should Never Use

8- “Real women” captions!

The phrase “real women” is the worst. It has become more popular as users talk about the difference between airbrushed pictures and what women look like without Photoshop and makeup professionals on their side. However, all women are real women. Popular captions on Instagram, such as, “Real women have curves,” divide just as many women as they include. All women are real women, whether they are models, fast-food employees, movie stars, or scientists. They are real women whether they ’re white, black, cis, trans, curvy, or thin. There are many different ways to be a woman. Your selfie captions shouldn’t betoken otherwise.

9- #ineverdothis captions

There are too many Instagram users who write selfie captions including the hashtag #ineverdothis. That’s entirely true for some of them. The hashtag is more of a compass for other people. However, honestly, that’s beside the point. You don’t have to explain your selfies to anybody, particularly not with overused hashtags reminding others of the frequency with which you do or don’t post pictures of your face.

10- Captions addressed to a specific person

If you want to send a message to somebody, well, send them a message. Don’t post a picture with a long, weepy caption addressed directly to the user you’re tagging. It’s okay to tell your Instagram followers your mom is exceptional or your partner is fantastic. However, your followers presumably don’t need to read a long, drawn-out caption that sounds like a love letter. Keep things brief and sweet. Also, don’t directly address someone in your Instagram captions.

11- Bully captions

Bullying or making fun of other users is never pleasant. Do you want that kind of negativity on your Instagram feed? Posting Instagram photos to make fun of other people is mean and sad. Writing snarky captions that describe why you’re better than somebody else is somehow obnoxious. So even something as harmless as selfie captions that revel that you’re more charming than somebody else is ill-advised. If you disagree with another user’s posts, ideas, or decisions, try to have an intellectual conversation about it. Don’t turn to captions to shame them on Instagram.

12- ‘It’s a ….  kind of day.’

This fill-in-the-blank formula has driven to way too many captions that feel achingly unoriginal. You might be talking about your latte or outfit. Maybe you are talking about your gym routine or decision to stay in bed. Whatever you’d say in the caption is already evident from the picture. So what’s the point?

13- Harmful conventions and hashtags

There’s a reason why Instagram blocks hashtags, such as “thinspiration.” They set standards that are unreachable for most people. There’s a reason why Instagram blocks hashtags, such as “thinspiration.” there’s also a motive why many people don’t love related hashtags, such as “fitspiration.” They set standards that are out of reach for most people. Also, they make you think your looks are more important than how you feel or what you do. Don’t go into hashtags and messages that encourage habit changing to change your appearance.

14- Quotes that are credited to the wrong source

Let’s say you see a couple of Instagram quotes that you love but have the self-control to avoid reposting them. A more satisfactory way to share a quote you like is to add it to an Instagram caption. However, You should always make sure the quote is accurate before you add it to one of your Instagram captions. Otherwise, you’ll just be scattering a misattributed quote.

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