Teens have crowded Instagram in recent years, but do their parents know how their children are using this photo-sharing network? Instagram introduced a new resource for parents of teens who use Instagram, a parent guide.

As Instagram said, there are three main items to consider in A Parent’s Guide: privacy, interactions and time spent on the platform.

A Parent’s Guide includes necessary information about the Instagram platform, information about accessible tools and a conversation guide for parents and their teens to consider the latter’s use of Instagram.

The topics in the discussion guide are generated to help parents make sure that their teens are positively using Instagram.


Other organizations on A Parent’s Guide included the National Parent Teacher Association, Connect-Safely. Scholastic, the National Eating Disorders Association, the National Alliance for Mental Illness, the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, GLSEN, Girl Scouts of the USA, PFLAG, and PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

These resources inform parents about Instagram (in case they didn’t know before) and also the different tools teens could use to keep themselves safe.

For example, they pointed out some privacy features, such as preventing anyone other than explicitly-approved friends from seeing their Instagram accounts. It also teaches them how to block unwanted accounts from following them or seeing their posts, as well as deleting the abusive comments.

Instagram also mentioned some of its digital tools like time management tools, where parents can help their kids set daily reminders of how long they should be using the app.