Tired of following the Instagram accounts that seem never to follow you back? Or Instagram doesn’t allow you to like the related photos in your niche anymore? There is no need to do all these engagement activities manually.

Actually, there is a much better and, of course, a faster way to do these things: use the best Instagram bots.

If you want to find out which automation tools are the best Instagram bots in the market, this article is for you. First, we’re going to take a quick look at the automation bots and how they can help Instagrammers, and then we will introduce the best Instagram bot in the market. So, sit tight and read this article till the end.

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What is an Instagram Bot?

An Instagram bot is like an assistant that helps Instagrammers grow their account engagement automatically and in a much faster way. Typically, the best Instagram bots have some basic settings that allow the users to adjust the bot’s activity based on their needs.

Working with Instagram bots is pretty straight forward; users should set their specific promos (the number of likes, targeted profiles, hashtags, or geotags) on the bot, and it will do the rest on their behalf. The activities that these bots are involved in will generate enough amount of curiosity for the targeted users. They definitely check who followed them or like their photos, and when they find the page interesting, they start to follow it. Done!   

Generally speaking, an Instagram bot has several features. Auto like, auto comment, auto follow, and auto unfollow are among the most common services that a bot provides. However, many free Instagram bots might only offer one of these features (mainly auto like), which in most cases, as they work without a given goal, are not adequate and not practical. But if someone seeks some remarkable features besides the mention ones, the only solution is using the best Instagram bot in the market: Instazood.

The Best Instagram Bot in 2020: Instazood

With its fully automated and up-to-date features – coordinated with the ever-changing Instagram algorithm – Instazood is one of the best Instagram bots in the digital world. Instazood offers some unique services that make it distinct among other similar platforms. To grab a better understanding of what Instazood can offers customers, read about the following services. 

Auto Follow

One of the most common strategies to attract more followers is to continually follow the accounts that already followed a similar account in your niche daily. This process can be incredibly time consuming, and besides, Instagram might ban you due to the limitations on daily follow. So, why not use an automated bot to make all the efforts?

Insrazood auto follow bot mimics the human actions and start following the Instagram accounts based on the latest Instagram restrictions, which reduces the risk of being blocked by 0%.

Auto Unfollow

As much as following the targeted Instagram accounts is necessary to grow the IG engagement, it is also vital to do some unfollowing at the same time. The reason is that based on the latest Instagram limitations, users allowed to follow an overall of 7,500 people. So, to avoid any risk, the Instazood Instagram bot will make sure the account stays in the safe zone by automatically unfollowing the accounts based on the numbers added to the follow/unfollow cycle.

Auto Like

Sometimes, only a simple like can bring new followers to the page. One of the features of the best Instagram bots is auto like. As mentioned before, many free Instagram bots and plug-ins might offer auto likes, but remember, there is a much better chance of attracting engagement if you like only the accounts that are interested in your business.

Instazood finds the potential new followers by scanning thousands of Instagram accounts based on the information such as hashtags, geotags, and the popular accounts in the niche that you’ve set. The only thing you need to choose the best options and the Instazood auto-liker will put that famous heart on the photos and videos.     

Auto Comment

Did you know that comments are specifically crucial for growing the Instagram engagement? Wouldn’t it be great if someone just leaves some comments for other users to gain their attention? Luckily, Instazood offers an auto commenter that can generate tons of different messages to be used as comments.

The good thing about comments is that this type of engagement is more valuable as it can be continued in two-way communication. If the Instagram bot leaves an interactive comment, this is highly possible that the receiver replies. And that’s exactly what you need on Instagram in order to win the battle: mutual engagement.

View Stories

What makes Instazood the best Instagram bot available is the considerable attention to the details and make the most of every opportunity on Instagram. With Instazood Instagram bot, users can also view stories automatically in addition to previous features.

This service is valuable because, since the introduction of Instagram stories, they became the prominent feature of IG that considerably boosts engagement. As one-third of Instagram viewed stories are from business pages, why not use this opportunity to attract more followers by putting your profile on the lists of your potential story viewers?    

Tip: In order for a user to start to follow you or interact with your content, your account must be visually pleasing. So, try to make your feed as attractive as you can. You may use some tools to edit your Instagram photos for a start.

Why is Instazood the Best Instagram Automation Tool in 2020?

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should choose Instazood as the best Instagram bot for promoting your brand. But if you want even more proof, read the following to get to know the Instazood features even more. So, here they are: 

Maximum of Automation in The Most Customized way

Instazood enables you to control and adjust the setting for better results. You can also change the bot’s activity; for example, put the people you don’t want to unfollow in a list. Moreover, the various filters in the dashboard allow the users to set different orders such as skip following the Instagram business accounts or not following an account more than once. 

Social Bridge: The Best Instagram Bot App

Another excellent service that makes the Instazood distinct from the other bots is its bot app, Social Bridge. Not only is it more convenient to use this app, but it is also possible to grow the Instagram account at a faster pace. With Social Bridge, you don’t have to always be behind your personal computer to manage the Instagram bot; you can have it on your phone and simply use it anywhere, anytime.

Using Instazood Instagram bot can give you a constant 10% of follow backs. That’s not a number that you can easily overlook. Try Social Bridge to get even more followers on Instagram.

Safety First

Many people hesitate using Instagram bots because they are afraid of encountering the message of “action block.” One of the essential things that Instazood does is to make sure all the parts of bot working in accordance with the latest Instagram algorithm to avoid any risk of being ban. Although the Instazood Instagram bot sets the best amounts of activities as default, you can make the necessary changes where it is needed. 

The Highest Efficiency

One of the features that make Instazood the best Instagram bot is the ability to track the efficiency of a selected target. For example, suppose you choose the “user X” as a popular target in your niche, but you are not sure about how much this target is effective. To find this out, the Instazood can turn off or on the ability of auto liking and commenting for that specific target, so you can vividly see how much this “user X” is adequate to gain engagement. If it disappointed you, simply cross it out of your list and add another potential username to the Instagram bot.

Sweet Deal

Compare to the numerous services and the guaranteed safety that it provides, Instazood is considerably affordable. Only for $14.99 per month, you can get a full package of Instazood, namely auto follow, auto like, auto comment, auto unfollow, activity filters, and story views. Moreover, Instazood has many other services such as TikTok bot or Instagram Direct Messages, but it never forces you to pay for the services that you don’t want. You can only purchase your desired package.  

Excellent Customer Service

Got any question about the Instazood Instagram bot? We have a pretty informative support center that can help you step-by-step in using each product. Just enter the name of the part that you need help with, and you will get an explicit instruction along with videos and other information. 

Instagram Bots for Free

Still not sure if Instazood is the best Instagram bot in the market? That’s all right; the good news is you can try all the features of the Instazood Instagram bot for three days for free! Make the most of this opportunity and see how this bot will bring you free likes and followers only within a three-day trial!

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Final Words on the Best Instagram Bots

As Instagram is one of the most popular platforms, no wonder you see many marketing companies offering Instagram promoting packages. Many of these companies don’t consider all the safety factors for their bots, so it is vital that you only choose the best Instagram bots, to avoid risking your Instagram account.

The Best Instagram Bot to Use in 2020
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The Best Instagram Bot to Use in 2020
Tired of following the Instagram accounts that seem never to follow you back? Or Instagram doesn't allow you to like the related photos in your niche anymore? There is no need to do all these engagement activities manually.
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