Let’s face it, having a huge number of followers on Instagram is very tempting. Everyone once to be famous and popular, so you won’t get surprised when you see some people are buying and selling Instagram accounts. I have gathered some information about selling and buying Instagram accounts that you may want to know.

Is it legal to buy and sell personal accounts on Instagram? Does Instagram allow it?

Instagram terms of service (TOS) forbids the transfer of ownership on Instagram. However, those are just in-house rules of Instagram, and there is nothing illegal about buying and selling your social media accounts.

Why do people purchase these accounts?

It is very understandable, people and brands use these accounts to advertise their products or websites. They create content related to the account’s niche and share it with their audience. If they can’t advertise their products, they will usually resell the account they bought for a small profit. They also use these accounts to spread the news about their brand to expose themselves without spending much time on it.

Buying and Selling Instagram Accounts

What is my Instagram account worth?

It is tough to put a price on an Instagram account, so they can’t post any exact price charts. There are many factors to consider such as follower counts, engagement rate, and niche. There are many sites out there that sell fake Instagram followers, but considering the new Instagram purge come up, I don’t recommend buying fake followers, because they will be gone the next morning and you will get shadow-banned. Instead, you can gain organic followers by using Instagram automation tools like Instagram bots.

How many followers should I have to be able to sell my Instagram account?

You don’t need to have a high amount of followers, as long as they are organic and active, you can sell your account. However, people prefer at least 30k followers.

What should be the niche of my Instagram account?

It doesn’t matter if your Instagram account is about pets, memes or something like that. No matter how silly your Instagram profile may seem, if you have the necessary factors, there are still some buyers for it. Still, meme accounts are the most common type of properties, so their value might be lower than the others.

How do I proceed with the transaction?

They pay, and you hand over the username and password, that’s it! For people to pay first, you should own a PayPal account.

Again, I don’t recommend buying and selling Instagram accounts because you can’t make sure if they have real followers or good engagement.

It is better to build up an Instagram brand exclusively for your brand and promote it manually by engaging with your target audience. But if you don’t have the time, as I said, you can hand it over to an Instagram bot or hire a social media manager for your business.

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