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Instazood Reviews

Last year, we were honored to help you promote your Instagram accounts. And many thanks to our loyal and beloved customers and fans, it was a challenging year for Instazood. We hope this new year brings us more opportunities to make our customers happier than ever.

In this article, we gathered some reports of Instazood updates during 2018, including new updates and improvements. Read on to find out more about Instazood services:

Added automatic refunds for likes/views orders

April 3, 2018

Sometimes, the system may get in trouble while delivering likes to you, because of the traffics from our servers to your account, caused some conflicts in applying your likes/views. To fix this problem, we have made the refunding process automatic, to ease the way out for you. Now you can see which one of your posts has been refunded to your balance so that you can purchase likes for them again.

Added a new promotion feature for viewing stories automatically

April 10, 2018

Now you can see your target audience’s stories without actually having to look at them! We added story viewing to our Instagram bot features, along with auto-likes, auto-comments and auto followings. People will see your name on their viewers, and the rest is the same with other bot processes.

Now you can buy likes directly in your Schedule post service

April 17, 2018

Instazood now lets you buy likes for each picture while posting them on Instagram, instead of having to go to Instagram bot dashboard and clicking on the purchase button there which could be exhausting. You can now purchase likes while scheduling your Instagram posts on Instazood.

Released the proxy-free Application for desktop

8 May 2018

We provide a dedicated IP for each of our customers to make you feel safer while using our services. Now we rolled out an app for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, which with you don’t need to buy a proxy anymore, we added the proxy feature in the app to solve the automation blocks and all the other proxy-related issues.

New AJAX loader image

Jun 8, 2018

We updated the AJAX loader image to a more colorful IZ in the shape of circles to make it more fun to work with Instazood dashboard.

You can now view your posts on your dashboard

Jun 18, 2018

Added a new ability to your schedule post dashboard to view your Instagram posts. You can view your Instagram photo and videos from your dashboard and choose between them to purchase likes and views without going to the Instagram bot dashboard.

Added invoice for users, you can now see your payments

25 Jun 2018

Before this, you had to ticket us to have your payment invoices, but with this update, you can access your payment receipts from your dashboard, anytime you want and download it by pressing CTRL+P.

New feature to detect, collect and delete negative comments

Jul 2, 2018

We updated the comment tracker module to create a better interface and fix the common bugs. Our bot will automatically detect negative comments you receive and collect them in the negative comments section for you. You can remove them manually as you choose or just leave it to the bot to do so.

Left-side panel swiping for mobile screens

17 Jul 2018

We updated the panel design to make the features more accessible through smaller screens. You can get a full screen of your targets and other settings by swiping the left side panel of your dashboard.

Updated stop-words widget in the promo settings panel

9 Aug 2018

Before this, you had to separate your stop words manually with “,” but now the only thing you have to do is writing them down and hitting enter. It will give you a better result, avoids bot conflicts and saves your time.

Visual improvements for posting

10 Aug 2018

We are always looking for ways to improve our services, so we updated the posting interface for a better appearance. Bugs fixed and a better insight into the dashboard.

Global design changes, New left-side panel

28 Aug 2018

Made some improvements and fixed bugs on the left side panel. Now you can quickly swipe the dashboard just by a click on the arrow on top of the dashboard on the PC version.

Control the targets from one box (Simple mode)

2 Nov 2018

We updated the dashboard design to create a better interface and get better access to statistics and switch off/on buttons. Now you can view your whole bot activities in one box with an overall stat. You can use this “Simple Mode,” or by turning it off, you can access the “Advanced Mode” and switch off/on your targets individually.

Enable Your Own Country Proxy

21 Dec 2018

We have added this feature that you are able to activate the proxy for your account by choosing your own country just in your own Instazood dashboard > Proxy Settings. Buy our Proxy. This way, the bot will use an IP of your time zone and location, and it will reduce any risk.


Instazood Reviews

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Instazood Reviews, Schedule post

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