Instagram automation has always been one of the hottest debates for social media geeks. While many believe Instagram automation tools such as Instagram bots can massively help the promotion process, others still have their doubts about applying these tools.

In this article, we are going to go through all the facts, so you can have a clearer picture of what you can achieve with Instagram automation tools in 2020.

What is Instagram automation

Instagram automation is the process of using any tools to perform automatic actions like follow, automatic comment, or automatic like, or posting on Instagram. Instagram bots are parts of Instagram automation tools on Instagram which can save time by mimicking promotional activities such as “follow for follow” performed by humans.

Most of the professional Instagrammers believe that the key to success in Instagram is to gain a high level of engagement with other users. Generally speaking, like, comment, share, and save are the most common ways of creating engagement on Instagram. That’s why you always see your close friends’ posts on the top of your feed.

These all sound great, but the problem is if you are running a business page, engaging with other users might take much time, and time is far too precious to be spending on a repetitive, dull task such as liking or leaving comments. So, why bother wasting time when you can use the best Instagram automation tool instead?

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Is Instagram bot illegal?

Honestly, Instagram is not the biggest fan of likes bot or any other types of Instagram automation tools. But based on the Instagram terms of use, it does not officially announce that using bots is illegal. However, Instagram has established some strict rules for using automation tools. These rules ensure that the Instagram community is safe, and the bots won’t jeopardize users’ personal information.

That’s why to avoid any future problems, Instagrammers who like to boost their account(s) in a short time, should only use the best Instagram bots. If you want to find the best Instagram bot to use in 2020 and see how it can help users grow their business using it, read this article till the end.

Does Instagram bots still work?

If you use Instagram automation wisely, yes, the primary reason why Instagram automation tools such as Instagram follower bot don’t work is that either the bot is unauthorized or the Instagrammers use it in the wrong way.

The best Instagram bots, such as Instazood, are designed in a way that they mimic human activities. By allowing the Instazood to perform the engagement activities using different automation tools such as insta comment app, users can confidently leave all the tedious work to the bot.

Although you can manually change each bot’s settings and somehow build your own Instagram bot, Instazood already set the best numbers based on the accounts added. It’s always better to follow the recommended amounts to avoid being banned by Instagram because of violating the limitations such as Instagram follow limit.

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So, why not automate the works a little bit and gain some organic followers on Instagram using smart bots? Because let’s face the truth is, in a platform where more than 500 million daily users who only watch stories, it’s a little bit difficult to manage all the work manually; not to mention that 60% of the active users of Instagram discover new products on the platform on a daily basis. Surely, that is a number that you don’t want to ignore.  

What is the best Instagram automation 2020?

The best Instagram automation tools on the market are those that generate the results as if a human were using Instagram on a full-time basis without reaching the Instagram limits. There are many different types of Instagram bots, from Instagram simple liker bot plug-ins that only attract likes from any accounts (mostly fake ones) to fully automated and smart Instagram follower bots that can gain organic followers on Instagram.

As mentioned above, Instazood offers its users the best experience of using Instagram bots. It benefits from cutting-edge technology to analyze the ever-changing algorithm of Instagram. This way, Instagrammers can be sure that the safety of their accounts is guaranteed. In the following, we will go through all the different automation tools offered by Instazood Instagram bot, so you can have a proper understanding of what you can achieve with this intelligence tool.

The best Instagram automation tool

Instazood Instagram like bot

The most primary and the easiest way to gain engagement on Instagram like. Those attractive little red hearts that appear when double tapping on an image or video, actually have magical power. Along with the number of comments, likes are one of the primary metrics when calculating Instagram engagement. The more images a user likes and the more like that user receives, the higher is the chance of being rewarded by Instagram.

Moreover, a high volume of like is also essential when it comes to the prestige of the IG account. Naturally, a post with thousands of likes appears more attractive in the eye of the viewers compared to a post with a small number of likes.

Even hiding likes by Instagram that is now happening in at least eight countries in which some of them are among leading countries based on the number of Instagram users (Canada, Brazil, Italy, Japan, and the United States) won’t reduce the effect of likes in building engagement. So, never underestimate the power of likes.

Luckily, Instazood auto like Instagram app can do this process in the best way. Unlike many bots that people might encounter when searching for “Instagram like bot free,” Instazood only gain organic likes from real people that even have a high potential of following back. Based on the data given to the Instazood like bot, it can search among thousands of candidate posts and select the best of them to like. Also, Instazood like bot is always cautious about Instagram like limitation.

It is worth to mention that although “like for like” strategy is proven to be highly useful to gain likes and new followers, it’s always a good idea to make the feed attractive and edit the photos, so the new visitors can’t resist hitting the follow button.

A faster way to gain likes

If you need to obtain a considerable number of likes in the shortest possible time, it is possible to buy Instagram likes from Instazood. With its fast delivery and safe use, buying Instagram likes is the best way for those who want the results fast. Also, users can even buy likes from Instazood for future posts to guarantee the success of their unpublished content.

Moreover, along with likes, you can purchase video views as well on Instazood. Based on studies, Instagram photos tended to drive more likes per post for the top publishers, but videos drive more comments on average. So, by increasing the views of an Instagram video, you can gain both more comments and have a higher chance of going viral on Instagram.

Instazood Instagram follow bot

One of the most popular methods to gain automatic follower is using bots which work based on “Instagram follow for follow” rule. Based on this rule, if a user starts following accounts that have seem to have an interest in your content, there is a high chance that these accounts will follow you back.

The good thing about these Instazood Instagram bot followers is that they are all organic and can become loyal customers over time. Instazood Instagram bot starts following targeted accounts by finding the best matches and follows them in safe intervals so that it reduces the risk of being banned by Instagram to zero.

Instazood Instagram unfollow bot

As much as you need to follow users on Instagram automatically, it is also vital to unfollow those who are not interested in following you back or those who have followed the page a long time ago, to reach a balance between in the account.

As you may know, Instagram has the following limitation of 7,500 accounts. Because of this restriction, the Instazood Instagram bot has the following threshold of 5,000, meaning the bot won’t follow more than this number to keep a safe distance from a total of 7,500. This is one of the few advantages that Instazood has compared to the other auto-follow Instagram free bots.

Instazood Instagram comment bot

Unlike some of the Instagram automation free tools or Insta comments app in the market, which only generates some simple templates, Instazood Instagram bot enables Instagrammers to create a wide range of interesting comments to be published on users’ posts as comments. Instazood is the best auto comment for Instagram because it carefully chooses the best posts for leaving comments.

Instazood auto story view

You cannot find this feature in every automation tool. More than 500 million accounts use stories in a single day, and it is a shame if we don’t use stories as a way of attracting new followers and more engagement. Luckily, with the Instazood auto story, it is possible to view stories, so your account appears on the list of story viewers. This activity might seem like an unnecessary effort, but it will have a significant impact on the level of engagement with other accounts.

Instazood Instagram scheduler

Instagram post automation is another useful tool that Instazood offers in the form of a scheduler. Imagine you only have one day per week to design Instagram posts and don’t have any time to post them at various times. Maybe the majority of fans are from countries that have a considerable time difference with yours. In these cases, the best answer to the issues is planning.

Using the Instazood scheduler, you can plan unlimited videos and images. Also, it is very user-friendly; users can upload as many photos and videos on the scheduler’s unlimited cloud-based draft or even use watermarks on their posts.

Another fantastic feature of the Instazood scheduler is the post deletion. This option can come real handy when users want to post temporarily. Moreover, you can make more space for the caption by using the first comment.

Instazood Auto DM bot

Managing thousands of Instagram followers can be difficult when it comes to sending direct messages. With Instazood Instagram auto direct message (DM), you can easily handle all these affairs. Simply create a welcome message for the new followers or add some of them to the unique custom lists. For example, using this Instagram chat bot, businesses can send a promotional message to all of their followers and introduce their new product or service.

Like any other Instazood services, the Instazood auto DM bot also considers the limitations that Instagram has placed regarding direct messages.

Instazood Instagram search tools

This set of smart Instagram automation tools can help the Instagrammers to find the best opportunities in a heartbeat. Instazood search tool can discover the influencers, hot posts to repost, and trending hashtags, so you can make the most of these Instagram features. You can use hashtags to find the best photos or even type in the targeted location to find more specific results.

Instazood comment tracker

Take this as granted: using Instagram automation tools will promote your Instagram account and make it popular in the niche. Having many fans means many comments on Instagram, and it is not a bad thing. But to create a better experience for the followers and make them even more loyal to the brand, you have to answer to their comments promptly. Luckily, the Instazood comment tracker can greatly help you in the process.

This smart comment manager can provide a super user-friendly panel to control all the comments. This way, you can be sure that no comment is left unresolved. Also, users can reply using the panel and delete or mark comments.

Advantages of using Instazood Instagram automation

So far, it is evident that using an Instagram automation tool such as Instazood can significantly help your business. But let’s take a quick look at some of the other advantages that make Instazood the best Instagram automation tool in the market.

  • Saving a tremendous amount of time using bots

Instazood uses the maximum of automation without damaging the Instagram account. As a result, more promotional activities are done correctly in a much shorter time.

  • Save money with bots

Compared to many other Instagram automation tools, Instazood is considered as one of the most affordable bots. With only $11.99 per month, you can use all the Instazood bots mentioned above. That’s even cheaper than a sandwich in a fast-food chain! 

  • Instagram automation tools free trial

Instazood tries its best to create the best experience for the costumers. So, it offers a three-day free Instagram automation tool trial. You can access to all the features during this period of Instagram automation free trial. So, try to make the most of it, because you are going to love it!

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Final words

Instagram automation tools can significantly help you to manage the bustling world of Instagram. But only the best Instagram bots can deliver the best results in the safest way.

Everything about Instagram automation and bots
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Everything about Instagram automation and bots
Instagram automation has always been one of the hottest debates for social media geeks. While many believe Instagram automation tools such as Instagram bots can massively help the promotion process, others still have their doubts about applying these tools.
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