The Instagram screenshot notification might be a significant concern to those who screenshot everything on Instagram! They cannot be blamed, because, with all these engaging and fun content on Instagram, it requires a great attempt to resist the screenshot temptation.

But you might find it a relief if you know when and where exactly does the Instagram notify others that you have screenshot them. Let’s see what Instagram does in terms of sending notifications in any of the following cases:

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Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story?

Instagram once started to send notifications for screened stories in February 2018, but they stopped right after a few months, in June 2018. Now you can screenshot any story anonymously.

Many users might need Instagram screenshot notifications to protect their accounts from sharing content without permission. Though, there are some other ways to monitor who is sharing your pictures (if they share it publicly) through Google image searches. 

Some other users may want to grow their accounts. They use a verity of tools like an Instagram bot, Instagram analytics tools, or any other software, though there are no available tools to find out who is spying on your profile, posts, or stories. 

Even if you switch your account to a business account, you will not know who has shared your posts. Instagram will let you know only the number of shares, views, not who has taken the screenshots, or shared the posts and stories. 

There has not yet been any news indicating that. But it is not far from the expectation that shortly (or any time from now), they will add such a feature to the app and not inform us about it. So, always keep an open eye on their newest updates and changes.

Alternative: You can share the story you want with another person so that it will be sent to your DM inbox. But the saved message will be deactivated once the story disappears.

Instagram story screenshot notification
Story screenshot notification is not available right now

If you are looking for a Third-party app for Instagram screenshot notification, I should here admit that there is no such an application, and those calming to do so for you are a scam. Beware of these apps and do not give them access to your Instagram account.

Moreover, you may ask if there are any advantages to the Instagram screenshot notification for users. I would answer yes, and no.

The advantage is that it keeps people from stealing the work of others and raises a sense of self-awareness among Instagram users. The downside of the feature is that if someone is abused on Instagram and wants to gather documents and clues anonymously, screenshot notifications make it quite impossible.

But what is most apparent is that it is both for and against the privacy issue of Instagram users, and to balance this matter is a job that can’t be done in weeks and months.

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Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a post?

Fortunately, no one, even the post owner, won’t have a clue when and from which content you took the screenshot. So, you can now take your time and take as many screenshots as you want on, and no one will ever know (except for the Instagram itself).

Alternative: You can bookmark the post you want to keep. Just tap on the bookmark icon under the post, and it will be saved to your Instagram. But the saved post will disappear if the owner deletes the original post.

  • Instagram live screenshot

No one will be notified about a screenshot taken from their Instagram live. Instagram has not yet announced such a feature in its future updates, so relax and live screenshot!

  • Instagram comment screenshot 

Fortunately, there is no such feature on Instagram, however. You can freely screenshot comments and use them in case of abuse or any required claim.

  • Instagram dm/chat screenshot 

For text messages, if screenshot, Instagram won’t send any notification. Also, the images posted on Instagram DM are not included in the notification. But if you screenshot a photo the other person has taken through DM camera and sent to you, then there will go an Instagram screenshot notification for them. You’d better ask for permission first and then screenshot their photo.

Taking a screenshot from photos posted in DM taken directly by DM camera will notify the owner

All in all

Instagram will not tell anyone if you take a screenshot in any place on Instagram like posts, comments, stories, live, and so on. There is also no news for reactivation of Instagram screenshot notifications from Instagram, and it seems it has been stopped permanently. 

How does Instagram Screenshot Notification Work?
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How does Instagram Screenshot Notification Work?
They once started to send Instagram screenshot notification for screened stories on February 2018, but stopped right after a few months, in June 2018. Now you can screenshot any story anonymously.
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