There are three things that a potential follower looks at when they first come across your IG profile: your photos, following and the number of followers you have. Although you can easily buy fake followers to make you look better in the eyes of these potential followers, you’re paying for an image.

These potential followers, you’re paying for an image.

Fake followers offer no real value to your IG profile because they won’t engage or purchase anything from your business. They’re just there to make you look good, so instead of throwing away your company’s money on fake followers, opt for creating real ones that will benefit your company.

Many might say that building an organic following is useless since the app’s algorithm changes practically force you to purchase ads to make your posts seen to all of your followers and not just a few. But real mean more for the success of your business.

Buying fake followers is essentially buying nothing, which means your engagement numbers will never increase. So even though your company’s IG account might look legit, if anyone does a deeper inspection on your account, they’ll notice that it isn’t as legit as it looks.

Plus, Instagram likes to clean house every now and again and those fake followers you bought are the first to go! That means if you bought fake fans, they could be gone in a few months, leaving you back at square one, with money down the drain. And if you’re trying to reach influencer levels, buying fake followers can really destroy your reputation. This is why it’s best to invest in building an organic, real following that will not only like your posts but engage with them. These real followers are more likely to purchase your goods or services, thus more beneficial to the success of your company.

Here are some ways to grow your account with real followers:

Make sure that you fill out all parts of your IG profile for maximum engagement. Also, send out email blasts about your social media channels and always put the URLs of your IG account on your emails, marketing campaigns and anywhere else you do your digital marketing so that people know where to find and follow you on Instagram.

Make sure that you’re posting appealing photos that are eye-catching and notable. You want your feed to stand out from competitors and enticing photos are how you’ll do that for your business.

Not many use long captions for the posts, but IG allows you to write 2,200 characters. But the app will only show your fans three lines, but if it’s captivating, they’ll click on it to read more and then you’ve got someone’s attention! Remember not to bury the lead and always include a call-to-action so that fans and followers are motivated to engage more.

Hashtags are important and provide you with more visibility on IG. Users of the app like to simply surf hashtags when they’re bored, so you want to make sure they stumble upon yours when they do! Research targeted hashtags that will work for you on IG. Make sure a few of them are relevant to your account and what you’re saying in that post, in addition to having a few that are associated with your industry, brand or niche.