If you want to save all of your Instagram posts to move to another platform or just a backup of your Instagram posts before deleting your account, now you can.

Recently I have been reading a lot of stories about people who logged into Instagram to find that their account had been deleted for no reason and without warning. After complaints, Instagram re-opened a few of these accounts and apologized for the mistake, but it has made me realize I must back up my photos more frequently just like I do with my other accounts.

#1 Download your Instagram photos with InstaportHow to do it?

Instapot is a platform which lets you download your Instagram photos more easily:

  • Go to Instaport
  • sign in
  • choose your settings
  • export and download the photos

this tool is handy because it is the easiest and quickest and lets you select a period between specific dates so you can regularly backup your pictures without having multiplied copies.

How to Back Up your Instagram Pictures before Deleting your Account?

#2 Download your Instagram pictures from the source code

If you Don’t want to use a third-party app, You can save the picture directly from Instagram’s source code on your computer. How to download full-resolution Instagram pictures using Chrome:

  • Open the photo you’d like to keep.

  • Right-click on the photo and select “Inspect Element.”

  • When the Browser opens the section of the code with a photo, it will be highlighted. Click on the drop-down pointer next to “<div class=_____” to see the URL of the picture you would like to download.

  • Right-click the URL and choose “open in a new tab.” Make sure the photo is what you are looking for and download.

#3 Backup your Instagram feed including your stories, all at once

If you don’t mind trying a new program, there is a method to make sure you never miss a single Instagram story or post, even if it’s someone else’s.

4K Stogram is a free app that lets you backup your entire Instagram feed with just one click, subscribe to other users’ feeds and even follow hashtags. Keep in mind, subscribing to a hashtag can be harmful to your computer’s memory.

However, this app is free to download and use so that you can give it a try right now.

#4 Download Instagram photos directly to your iPhone

If you just need to download an Instagram picture on the go, you can download it from your iPhone using the Regrammer app.:

  • Download Regrammer for free
  • Copy the URL of the photo you want to download
  • Open Regrammer and the copied URL be automatically shared with the app
  • Preview the image then select the option to download it directly to your Camera