Instagram lets you control which people can see your photos and videos. A twist in the way Instagram works means it can be hard or impossible to block people from viewing your posts if they’ve already blocked you.

If you can’t work around this, one choice is to switch your account to private and gain more control over viewing.

Blocking accounts

You can block accounts only if your Instagram profile is publicly viewable, the default option. This means anyone can see your posts unless you have individually blocked them.

To block a user, search for their profile by tapping the compass icon at the bottom of the app and typing in their usernames.

  • Open their profile
  • tap the compass icon in the top right
  • tap on “Block User.”
  • You can click on “Unblock User” to reverse this function.

How to Block Someone Who already Blocked you on Instagram?Potential solution

Once you block someone, they can no longer search for your account. Sadly, this means that if someone has blocked you, you will not be able to find their account. So, you won’t be able to reach the block/unblock option.

This can be especially disturbing if you have fallen out with somebody, and they’ve beaten you to the punch.

Possible Workaround

You may still be able to block them if you have friends in common with them. This is helpful because, even if you block a user, they can still see when you have “liked” a post. You can try looking through photos posted by a mutual friend in the hope that you will find one that is like” by the person you want to block. If you do, you can tap the user’s name on the “liked by” list, go to their profile and block them.