Every social media page is working hard to help business owners achieve the best results, with their networks. They are implementing algorithms that are meant to help users get customized feeds when they open their browse around and Instagram has also incorporated this in order to help their users find things they enjoy.

The problem is that this system doesn’t work as efficiently as expected and your feed can become a huge mess with a lot of content that you don’t want.

We are going to give you some excellent tips that are going to help you clean up your Instagram Explore feed. This is going to allow you to start seeing more content you care about and get rid of the clutter that is caused by other content.

The issues with the explore tab:

Instagram representatives have always been very vocal about the kind of work that they are doing in order to change the network and provide better results for their users. The algorithms make some decisions based on the things they believe that each person will enjoy depending on what they commonly browse, but this system is not without flaws.

It seems like some people are complaining that all they do is follow things related to specific topics and they still get a bunch of unrelated suggestions that have no connection. Like someone who usually browses for heavy metal bands and gets some makeup tutorial feeds on their suggestions. It just does not add up ad users and getting tired of having this kind of problem.

The best way to fix this problem:

The truth is that there is no perfect method that will allow you to get only the best and most customized feeds, but there are a few steps you can take in order to see better results. We will share these methods and hopefully, you will be able to see some significant results in your explore feed when it comes to getting rid of the excessive unrelated results you are getting.

1.Who are you following

We know that most people follow others because they care about what they are posting, but some people looking for more followers are likely to start following a bunch of accounts just to get more people to follow them or perhaps because they asked you for a follow. Regardless of the habits, you have had in the past, you should look into your list of followers and start to unfollow any accounts that are unrelated to the things you like. Once you do this, you will see that the random feed suggestions will start to be much lower.

2.Click on images you don’t like

This might seem counterproductive but it’s not. The thing is that the bottom of the image is going to show you a brief description that lets you know why an image was shown to you. This insight is going to help you tweak your search habits in order to avoid this kind of issue in the future and lower the chances of getting things you don’t want on your search.


Instagram is going to continue to tweak their feed, but the important thing is to remember that you are going to play a very important role in the kind of explore feeds you get. Your habits and the kind of accounts you follow are going to greatly affect the kind of suggestions that are given to you. Remember this before following, liking or commenting on any images and you will see a significant change.