While the social media is a place for connection and finding new ideas and people, the spams can be overwhelming. So you can start by cleaning up your social media accounts, especially Instagram, where is full of fake accounts and spammers wondering around.

You should try reevaluating your social media presence from time to time and choose the pictures and people you want to hang on to and which ones to ditch! If you don’t know where to start or how to do it, we can help you.

#1 Delete or archive Pictures That doesn’t fit you anymore:

We all have these posts in our Instagram which are too old, and we are not that person anymore. Or maybe we have overshared ourselves. The thing is being an over-sharer keeps people away from us. You should Keep your life like some kind of secret and not share all of your life on social media. So try deleting or archiving (the new feature of Instagram) the posts you think they are showing too much of you! Keep your photos to a minimum such as a gorgeous selfie, a great yummy meal, etc. This way your feed will be much more interesting, and you will be a much more attractive person to follow.

Note! You can use the archive feature in case you wanted to take the picture back in your page.

Here’s how to the archive feature on Instagram:

Instead of removing a post (and possibly regretting it later), you can archive it. Instagram Archives is like having a secret page where you can hide your posts!

  1. No one can see archived posts but you
  2. You can restore them whenever you like
  3. And you can save all the likes and comments

How to Archive a Post:

  • Open the post on Instagram
  • tap the three dots in the right corner.
  • Select “archive,” and you’re done!
  • The post will transport to your archive posts

#2 Unfollow the Strangers

It is up to you. If you are following the strangers who you admire such as celebrities, artists or fitness workers then, keep them! They’ll make you look good. But if they’re some random people, who post nothing serious or interesting, you should unfollow them.

#3 Check the spelling and grammar of your captions

Take a good look upon your writings on Instagram no matter it a phrase, a full- paragraph, or just a caption filled with emojis, make sure that you have spelled them right. Cause when you are using the social media, you open yourself to judgment. So if you want people to be impressed rather than grossed out make sure that your captions are ok.