Are you an active user on Instagram and for some personal reason you want to get rid of your Instagram search history? Follow these steps to remove your search history on Instagram.

If you need more privacy on social media, then make sure you’ve removed your browsing history first. Check the individual browsing apps you’ve used like chrome or firefox, and wipe the history. But if you want to make it harder for people to retrace your steps, you should apply the same method to some of the social media platforms you use more frequently like Instagram.

Fortunately, it’s very simple to delete your Instagram search history, so next time you search for something you won’t be reminded that last month you had an unhealthy obsession with images of vivid cupcakes.

To go about erasing your search history on Instagram, you should follow these steps:

1- Open your Instagram app and go to your profile.

2- Tap on the three dots icon and go to settings

How to Clear your Search History on Instagram?

3- Scroll down to find the “clear search history” option at the bottom, which is written in blue.

How to Clear your Search History on Instagram?

4- Tap it and then confirm your action by tapping on “Yes, I’m sure” button.

That’s all!

However, you should understand that even as you’ve removed your search history, Instagram will continue to show Suggested users to you which are basically the people who you’ve interacted the most, but the profiles which regularly show up under Recent won’t be apparent anymore. So you won’t be 100% completely in the clear, though at least your search history will be gone.