With people holding their phones vertically around 90% of the time, vertical has become the new way to watch a video. Last year, it was determined that people spent at least 29 minutes a day viewing videos on their phone.

Now as you know, the default orientation of them is portrait. So brands need to think vertical to indicate the ways that users are generally consuming their content. They should produce creative content from new angles to compete for customer attention.

With this in mind, there are a few ways to make the most of vertical:

How to Create Vertical Videos for Your Instagram?

#1 Multi-part video storytelling

Formats like Stories work especially great in multiple videos and images, as users go through these mediums quicker than before. Instagram has added carousel advertisements in Stories, that lets advertisers post up to three media per Stories to produce multiple scenes and brighter storytelling. You can  Use this to get your brand seen in the first 3 seconds and create a great, holistic Instagram story.


#2 Use native tools in vertical video formats

These tools propose a new way of creativity which can really help you tailor your content, especially for that platform. For example, you can use GIFs and polls in Stories on Instagram.

#3 Just be creative!

This kind of format is still new, and growing as fast as customer tastes, so take these chances and use it to build your brand and following. Instagram Stories make this much more comfortable as content disappears after a short time.

How to Create Vertical Videos for Your Instagram?

#4 Keep a consistent brand voice

You should keep working on the other channels while trying this new format. Stay focused on your customers and create a style for your brand they would expect to see from you in your content. For instance, if you’re known for blasphemy, keep your vertical video content stream and humor-led.

How to Create Vertical Videos for Your Instagram?

#5 Work with the vertical shape

Don’t ruin the scope 9:16 gives you — vertical offers amazing and remarkable ways to make products the focus, like mirroring or the split screen stacking.  Instagram is currently examining a format which transforms non 9:16 videos to fit the screen which will enable brands to use existing creative.

So after all who knows, maybe as people watch more and more movies on their phones, we could even see the world’s first cinema with vertical frames!