One of the best ways to gain more followers on Instagram is by establishing an aesthetic or theme. In this article, I will show you that the idea of a theme might be different from what you have heard.

You can attract new followers and up your engagement by creating a cohesive look, and it will also help you build a more recognizable brand. When a user comes across your Instagram profile, you want them to stay and hit the “follow” button. Your overall Instagram feed must be visually consistent to generate interest.

While a themed Instagram profile requires planning, you can also start by defining what you want your Instagram account to reflect.

1- Get inspired by your favorite feeds

Take a good look upon your favorite Instagram accounts. What is it that you like about each one? Is there anything that gets your attention? Make a list of all the things that appeal to you about each of those accounts.

For example, “Airbnb” posts pictures of their BnB from all over the world. The images are so stunning they would turn even the most random visitor into a customer. I am inspired to try different photo angles from looking at their page.

How to Create your own Instagram Theme?

2- Get creative with colors

This is the most common way to go about a themed Instagram profile. You can stick to one specific color and have it repeated in different ways through the objects in your photos. Ihavethisthingwithpink’s entire feed is curated in the obvious pink.

How to Create your own Instagram Theme?

Also, Fursty (Dylan Furst) doesn’t have a specific color choice, but his entire feed has a blue and green theme. The pictures are all natural, but they have the overall color scheme.

How to Create your own Instagram Theme?

If you are more of an experimental, you can change the color theme in each row. For example, as a brand, you can post three products of the same color in one row, then switch to your other products in the next row. This way you can make each row pop out in your overall feed.

3- Use the checkerboard

 The checkerboard is very classy to look at, and it is also very useful in increasing engagement. In this feed theme, every alternate picture has a consistent background. Most people alternate between text and photo, but some users also alternate between two different background colors.

How to Create your own Instagram Theme?

This can be really great for you if you want to increase your engagement because you can alternate your product and service promotions with inspirational or motivational quotes, facts or personal pictures. A good combination of content helps you in not coming across as spammy and makes visitors stay back for both information and entertainment.

4- Get creative with borders

You may want to go against Instagram’s square image grid by changing the aspect ratio of your pictures. There are some things you can do with borders:

  • White Borders: This is the most popular border. The most aesthetically appealing method to use this is by cropping your pictures horizontally and add border bars on the bottom and top. It immediately creates a professional and classic feel to your feed. You can also use it in square and vertical pictures and mix it all up.
How to Create your own Instagram Theme?
  • Black border: this can instantly make your feed stand out because the black border is rarely used. Still, make sure that the theme goes with the entire mood of your Instagram page. For example, the.avantguardian doesn’t limit herself to one specific border. His overall theme is a combination of both white and black borders which is very attractive.
How to Create your own Instagram Theme?
  • Circle frame: this is also uncommon, and as a brand, might restrict posting product photos, because a lot of it would get minimized in the circular frame, but it is still an exciting thing to try. Also, you can mix it up with other borders and frames.
How to Create your own Instagram Theme?

5- Pick your mood

This needs a lot of thinking. What is your content strategy? What mood should your Instagram page reflect? For example, if you are a home decorator, the minimal white theme is artsy and elegant.

How to Create your own Instagram Theme?

Or if you are a portrait artist or photographer, you can try a moodier and darker tone.

How to Create your own Instagram Theme?

Remember, your mood should reflect the vibe of your brand or product. If you sell swimwear, the vibe will be neither dark hues nor minimalistic, but vibrant and beachy. It is essential to plan out the “mood” or “vibe” depiction of your brand page before posting anything.

6- Stick to a specific filter

Trying just a particular color or mood or border for your Instagram will restrict the kind of pictures you can pos. An easier method to maintain a cohesive theme for your Instagram feed is to use only one type of photo filters. If you are changing the brightness, contrast, and sharpness, use the same presets for all your pictures. This will make your photos flow with each other smoothly.

How to Create your own Instagram Theme?

7- Break the feed grid rule

This theme has been taking over Instagram like a massive storm. It is no longer about fitting one picture into one grid. Imagine a row of grids that make up just one big image. While this theme is aesthetically very appealing, you should post all the grid parts at the same time to get the overall look. You will also need to post your pictures in groups of Three so you won’t disrupt the big picture.

How to Create your own Instagram Theme?


You may like to try out all the themes at once or maybe even just one of them, but before you start, make sure that what your choice goes along with your brand aesthetic. Ask yourself:

  • What does my brand stand for?
  • Will this theme add to my brand value?

Maintaining Instagram themes needs a lot of time and effort. When you start creating a theme for your business account, you should come clear about what you are aiming for. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for digital marketing. Make the best use of It and get your brand out there. Happy marketing guys!
if you have any further questions, you know you can always ask us in the comments below.