Instagram is a great platform that allows you to share pictures with your family and friends. This helps to create great excitements and bonding as people share their holiday’s photos and other memorable images. So, it can be frustrating as well as disappointing when you experience tagging problems on Instagram.

Such problems can hinder you from expressing yourself to your loved ones if you don’t know how to fix them.

Since it is common for Instagram to upgrade its App from time to time to add more interesting features, it may not be far-fetched to see situations where some of the existing or new features will malfunction for some time. Some of these errors may be fixed by the platform in few days, while others may linger for too long. In case of Instagram tagging problem, it is usually due to some human errors, some of which can be remedied.

In this post, we offer you some practical ways to get the tagging problem fixed. Thus, if you are experiencing any problem tagging someone in a photo or mention them in the caption, we recommended that you to read this post to the end so you can learn ways to fix these problems.

There are three ways you can get your Instagram tagging problem fixed, read on to learn the procedures.

Before given up on tagging your friends or discarding the App completely, it is to check if the problem is from your phone. By switching-off merely your phone and then, switching it on after a few minutes, you may be able to have the tagging problem fixed.

Since we all make mistakes, there is a possibility of you misspelling your friend’s name. So, endeavor to do a spell check of the other user’s full username to be sure you’re right. More also, some of your friends or family members on Facebook can go by crazy, unique Instagram usernames that may not show up if you type their names into the search bar. If you’re sure you have the right name, but the problem persists, then you can try the third option.

The next viable option after the two above is to report the issue to the Instagram customer support via [email protected] It could be a problem with the app. By contacting the customer support, the Instagram tech support team will look into your issue and may be able to figure out what is wrong with the app. This may not be an instant solution, but the problem may be fixed within a few days of contacting the help support.

The Bottom Line

Instagram tagging problem may be daunting, but giving up on tagging friends and family members is never the best option. You should not sacrifice your fun for anything, especially when it is something you can fix easily. Trying out any of the tips mentioned above may help you to fix your Instagram tagging problems.