A few days ago, someone in a group I’m in brought up that someone had a contact button on their Instagram.I hadn’t heard about this, but I was instantly intrigued. It looked really great! In addition to the contact button, it showed a few more markings of a business account (it put the industry, as well as their name and blog title.)

So I did a little bit of digging, and I figured out how to convert my account to a business account.

Having a business account allows you to have that contact button on your page, which is awesome. However, it also provides valuable insights into your account, such as:

  • Follower growth – how many followers you’ve gained recently, which days are most popular for growth, etc.
  • Impressions on a post (how many eyes saw it)
  • Engagements on a post (clicks to your profile, hearts, comments, etc.)
  • How many clicks to your website
  • Top posts
  • Total Reach
  • Follower demographics (gener, age ange, locations,
  • When your followers are most active

As you can see, this can really help you up your Instagram game!

Unfortunately, not everyone has the option to become a business account yet. I have two Instagram accounts (a personal one and one for Clarks Condensed), and it gave me the option for both. However, from what I’ve read, they are slowly rolling this feature out, so if it’s not there, don’t worry!

Start to get business account

  1. go to “settings” and there will be an option that says “Convert to Business Account.” Select this, it . and then click on continue button
  2. now you must have Facebook account after that you must have a page(not account) for your business on Facebook. if you don’t have page on Facebook  you must create a page and select you category
  3. after create Facebook page, select that page in Instagram as your page
  4. now you must fill contact information, you can fill one of contact ways or all
  5. now you have contact button on your instagram account