Instagram doesn’t have a chronological algorithm anymore; posts are organized by engagement rates. It means that if your posts get more likes and comments, they will show up higher the newsfeed.

And as you know, appearing higher in news feed will boost your engagement. Therefore, More comments can show the effectiveness of your Instagram strategy. On all social media platforms, you have two main types of engagements. One of them is very easy to get including likes, repins, shares, retweets, etc. All they need is one or two clicks.

While the other type, comments, needs a bit more of a time investment from the audience. Thus, if you get more comments, it means that your audience like your content a lot.

Today I’m going to show you the different methods you can use to get more comments on Instagram.

1- Ask for more comments in your caption

Calls to action have always had a good effect on Instagram updates. You can add something like ‘Please comment’ or ‘Leave a comment’ to your captions. If you don’t want to ask for comments directly, you can ask questions from your followers instead.

How to Get More Instagram Likes & Comments

For example look at this post from Sumome. Instead of directly asking followers to comment, they just asked this question: ‘What do you choose?’, as the overlay text on the post picture mentions the two options people have when they wake up every day.

2- Ask questions with text overlay on your photo

If you want to ask a question to trigger a response, you should add an interesting question as overlay text to your Instagram post image instead of writing it in your caption.

Instagram is all about pictures. So, People mainly use it to look at quality pictures. This platform is created to drive more attention towards the photos of the posts too. Look at the above post from Summer for instance. The picture occupies most of the space while the caption holds only a portion.

3- Respond to their comments

As we mentioned before, it takes a bit o effort when people leave a comment on your post. They have to think and come up with an answer and spend some time typing it.

So, it would help if you appreciate their effort by responding positively. Thank them for leaving a comment and reply to them with an answer if they asked a question. If you reply to comments, it will encourage your followers to leave more in the future, and it will improve your relationship with your audience.

How to Get More Instagram Likes & Comments

Stella Parks usually responds to comments made on her Instagram posts. That’s why she gets a lot of comments.

4- Run comment contests

If you want to get more comments on your Instagram posts, you can run a ‘tag to win’ or ‘comment to win’ Instagram contest.

All people need to do to take part in these contests is leave a significant comment on one of your posts or tag someone in the comments. Both these contests can immediately get you many comments.

Wrapping it up

These are the top techniques you can perform to get more comments on Instagram. All of them are easy to execute and wouldn’t take up too much of your time. After you start getting more comments from your followers, you should analyze your Instagram posts to understand which methods are getting you the most replies.

How do you get more comments on Instagram? Do you apply any methods that are different from the ones mentioned above? Please leave your comments below.

How to Get More Instagram Likes & Comments