Before I get to know Instagram’s algorithm, I used to post and post on Instagram so that the frequency of my posts increases the chance of showing up more in my followers feed and brings me more engagement.

Then  I found out no matter how often I post. Still, they will not appear in my followers feed if I don’t use the right content.

Why? Because Instagram changes its algorithm and works chronologically.

How does Instagram algorithm work?

Instagram is turning the reverse-chronological order into a system which is much more user-friendly. So the posts are ordered in a user’s feed based on the likelihood they’ll be interested in the content.

Items with more Instagram user interest get priority placements. These are the posts that Instagram thinks will be more interesting for the users. You should do something to prove to Instagram that people like you! So, I will that. These strategies will help you engage your audience and get new ones. But first, you have to know how Instagram’s new algorithm works.

Instagram algorithm place posts in users feed by the order based on :

1- The number of engagement on the post. ( likes, comments, and shares):

The more engagement your post has, the higher it will be in the feeds. On the other hand, if your post doesn’t get much engagement, it will fall to the bottom of the feeds or not shown at all!

How to Get your Instagram Post on the Top of the Feed?

2- Time of the post:

You should give users the time day needed to build the relationship. You need to find out what is the best time to post on Instagram based on your audience lifestyle.

3- Relationship with the user:

Instagram shows posts to users by those they care about. The ones they often interact. The more a user engages with you, the stronger Instagram believes the relationship between the two of you.

4- Profile searches of the user:

If a user searches for your profile, Instagram will think of that action as an interest in your account, because the follower is literally seeking for your posts. If they search for your profile, your posts will appear on the top of their feed.

How to Get your Instagram Post on the Top of the Feed?

By understanding these four items, and acting on it, you can move up on Instagram feed.

How to get your posts to the top of Instagram’s feed?

After knowing about Instagram’s new  algorithm, you should use that information to push your posts higher in the Instagram feed:

1- Focus on the special interests of your audience

What is your audience passionate about? Find out about their interests and post more content about that specific topic. Try to know your followers and their needs. And work on producing the content your followers like the most. You can generate some hashtags related to your topics so that people will find you and engage with you.

2- Gain more engagement on your Instagram account

Now post photos and contents related to your followers, posts to grab their attention and cause them to pause between scrolling to watch your post. If you can’t create new posts to get high engagement, look back at your previous posts and see which one of them has the more likes and comments.

How to gain more engagement

  • Post at the right time (when your followers are online):

Post at the time when you think your engaging followers are online, if you have a business account, you can use Instagram insight to find out what time is the more appealing for your followers. If you don’t have the time to wait and post at these times, you can use post schedulers to schedule your posts at the right time. They will do the work for you.

How to Get your Instagram Post on the Top of the Feed?

  • Use Instagram stories:

Users like viewing personable and spontaneous stories, Instagram considers story engagements while determining relationships. You can use Instagram stories templates to create quality stories too.

How to Get your Instagram Post on the Top of the Feed?

  • Use Instagram hashtags:

By using specific hashtags relevant to your niche, you will increase your chance to be seen by other Instagram users.

  • Interact with your followers:

Post some stories and ask them for feedback. Reply to their comments and answer their questions. Or you can write a question under your captions to made them write a comment and explain it.

  • Use Instagram automation tools

If you don’t have the time to interact with your audience a lot or to like, comment and follow other users, you can use Instagram automation tools like Instagram bots to gain more engagement and followers. They will interact with people with the target you choose and save you a lot of time.


With these things in mind, now posting on Instagram feel less like fighting a losing battle. Now you can create high engagement, stronger connections with your followers to get to the top of their feed.