Having multiple accounts on Instagram? Which reasons are behind this idea! Willy-nilly, we cannot take a blind eye to multiple accounts on Instagram, which are snowing ball every day. Adding other Instagram accounts found a large number of fans among most types of Instagrammers from personal accounts to different business accounts.

There are varieties of Instagram marketing strategies to skyrocket marketing performances and efficiencies. Now luckily, the chance of managing multiple Instagram accounts to access all virtual Instagram stores gives fresh momentum to Instagram businesses.

Instagram new account(why)?

One day, I was thinking about my writing skill on content creation and poems, at that time I had only one personal Instagram account includes some Memorable photos and fall into the trap of weather to sign up for Instagram to open up a new account or combine my writings and poems with my pervious Instagram account. I was deeply drowning in the decision of choosing a way when I figured out maybe some of my current followers won’t honor me for my Instagram poems posts. Meanwhile, I added a second Instagram account to expose my innovative ideas with just my eager audience. In that situation, I faced some different kinds of hardships in managing my Instagram accounts effectively. Now I am here to serve you with tips and tricks of creating a second or multiple Instagram account.

New Instagram account

How to create a second Instagram account?

One thing to note is that when you want to add a second Instagram account, you should know how to sign up Instagram for your new account. One crucial point is to enter a different Instagram Email address or phone number separate from your first Instagram account to login into your added Instagram account easy.

First, open Instagram app
Then, Go to profile and tap on the right top
After that, Go down the page and select Setting
Finally, Scroll down to the bottom and choose Add account
Tap Sign up for Instagram

Then, Go to profile and tap on the right top
After that, Go down the page and select Setting
Finally, Scroll down to the bottom and choose Add account
Tap Sign up for Instagram

How to create a second Instagram account
create a second Instagram account

The advantage of multiple accounts on Instagram

It is good to know that I leave no stone unturned for looking up the pros of having multiple Instagram accounts. The main purpose of this idea resonates with brands as well as Instagram marketers to separate their Instagram marketing strategies per account. Every business account has the accessibility to Instagram insight for checking out some critical factors such as impression, reach, profile views, etc.

  • Use the impression of the first Instagram account to grow the second Instagram account

Imagine that I, as a poet, use my authority and credibility to create a second Instagram account about handicrafts. The more my reputation among my current Instagram followers is promoting, The more opportunities come up to invert my handicraft Instagram page to one of my best Instagram accounts.

A second Instagram account
  • Different locations need a different Instagram account

For instance, log in to Instagram to manage your brand in different geolocations is an obvious example to add a new Instagram account. In general, this Instagram feature takes some of the weight of our shoulders (in order) to avoid confusion of handling different scales of brands for the management of multiple accounts on Instagram.

Multiple Instagram accounts based on multiple locations

Product’s categories need multiple accounts on Instagram

  • One other thing I want to clear is that creating a second Instagram account; is essential also for those who decide to feature the variety of their brand’s products. I bury myself into my studies and found out brands like Nike, take advantage of this Instagram update and make top Instagram accounts around its products variation. One account for Football shoes one for women shoes the other for Sportswear etc.

    Here is how:

Multiple Instagram accounts and product categories

How to switch between Instagram accounts?

The action of switching between different Instagram accounts is a piece of cake. It comes to get ride of login and log out of each Instagram account. This option is efficient for Instagram users with multiple accounts, especially for Instagram marketers, to manage all of their Instagram accounts.

You can add up to 5 accounts on one device.

To switch between accounts you’ve added:

  1. Go to the Instagram profile.
  2. Tap username at the top of the screen
  3. Tap the account you’d prefer to switch to
how to switch between Instagram accounts

Do you know you can have one password for multiple Instagram accounts!!!

You can use one of your Instagram sign-in information to log in your multiple accounts on Instagram.

To start using the same login for multiple accounts:

  • Go to your profile, then tap
  • Tap Setting
  • Tap Set up multi-account login
  • Pick the account and password you’ll use to log into your accounts.
  • Tap Next
One password for multiple Instagram accounts
One password for multiple Instagram accounts

Practical ways to manage your Instagram account efficiently

  • Create Genuine content for each account
  • Evaluate each Instagram account performance
  • Use alternative bio links for your all accounts to get attention
  • Send auto dm to respect your Instagram followers
  • Schedule post can be a tremendous help 

High-quality content For each Instagram account

Let me tell you that your current Instagram followers will follow your second Instagram page in turn of finding your existing Instagram account activities engaging and compelling, such as your Instagram post, stories, captions, mostly your genuine content. In fact, your Instagram feed should be visually consistent with generating interest. Do your best to dominate the visual content which is going to publish, to keep your face for sigining up another Instagram account.

Instagram account analysis will help

When you switch to the business Instagram account, you can go into detail with Instagram insight to view your audience engagement with your account. It seems like one of the precious Instagram features you can benefit from to identify from a to z weakness and strength points of your Instagram page.


Keep changing your bio link to advertise your multiple Instagram accounts

The best way of using Bio place is to put alternative links. Every Instagram account has a specific link address which you can put in every one of your multiple Instagram account link in bio place.

Instagram DM works effectively in multiple accounts

You ended up managing 5 Instagram accounts. Massive task or responsibility? Yes, of course, you should be eligible to handle the difficult tasks of several Instagram pages. Instagram auto DM serves you to undertake to send automatic Direct message online for all your current followers and ask for following your second Instagram accounts.

Instagram schedule post is more likely to build a community around your brand

You are struggling with different Instagram accounts; it seems to manage them efficiently take time out, find yourself as a digital marketer with relentless hectic social media activities? Attempting to run your business’s Instagram accounts successfully?  Well, why not give a scheduled post on Instagram a try. I’ll give you that assurance that it is one of the best Instagram marketing tools to promote all your Instagram account’s posts when there is a little time to keep your activities on multiple accounts on Instagram, counting on this service to get the best reaction from all your accounts.

How do I post on Instagram?

You can share the Instagram post in three different formats, photo, video, and Gallery.

In photo mode, you can take a picture of your cellphone’s camera. Also, in video mode, you can make the video to post on your Instagram account. Remember that Gallery is used for selecting a photo that already has been taken and now you can choose as an Instagram post.

How to post multiple photos on Instagram?

After opening your Instagram app,

Multiple photos on Instagram
  • Tap, home screen, hit the + icon at the Explore tab.  
  • Tap the “multiple” icon on the top right of the images.
Select multiple photos on Instagram
  • Now, you can select additional images up to 10  by just tapping on any of them.
Select up to ten photos to upload on Instagram

If you don’t like the order of your images, tap and hold on the image you want to move, then drag it to the right spot.

  • Tap Next at the right top of the screen to edit your photos.
Edit and filters Instagram photos

How to edit an Instagram post?

Luckily, You have the option of editing and filtering each photo individually.

edit an Instagram post

Now you use every one of the filters below for your Insta post. The most popular one is Clarendon.


It is also possible to edit your Instagram pics to make it better or change the sense of your image.

Instagram post Edit options
  • After the editing, tap Next to add a caption.
  • Tap Share when you’re done.
Instagram sharing post with caption
How to Have Multiple Accounts on Instagram?
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How to Have Multiple Accounts on Instagram?
There are varieties of Instagram marketing strategies to skyrocket marketing performances and efficiencies. Now luckily, the chance of managing multiple Instagram accounts to access all virtual Instagram stores gives fresh momentum to Instagram businesses.
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