Have you ever wondered how to hide your activity on Instagram? Do you need to hide who you follow on Instagram or hide the likes and comments on your Instagram?

It makes sense to hide your activity on Instagram when you don’t want your babe to find out you liked the picture of your ex! or you may wish to conceal your followers on Instagram because you don’t like your colleagues to find out.

Whatever your reason is, I will show you how to hide your likes comments and other activity on Instagram and teach you some methods to get past the Instagram’s following feed.

1- Like more than 8 pictures

How to Hide your Likes, Followers and Activities on Instagram

This means that you can like the posts you don’t want others to find out, then you can like eight other random pictures. Now your followers can’t see what you’ve liked before liking these eight pictures.

Instagram only shows your followers the eight most recent pictures you’ve liked on Instagram.

2- Bookmark the Post

How to Hide your Likes, Followers and Activities on Instagram

If you told someone that you’re not active on Instagram but you also want to like something on Instagram now, you can tap the save button and like it later.This way no one will know that you’re active now because you have no activity on Instagram feed.

3- Block the User you want to Hide from

If you need to hide your activity from a specific user and not all of your followers, you can always block them. After blocking them, you can like, comment and follow all the things you want, then unblock them after.

4- Become a Vampire!

The best way to hide your activity on Instagram is to turn into a vampire and be active only late in the night. If you’re scrolling on Instagram while people are asleep, they won’t be able to recognize what you’ve been doing. Even after they wake up, the recent activity list will be full of other users’ activities instead of yours.


That’s 4 methods you can be discrete about your activities on Instagram – there’s no way you can be entirely discrete because the platform wants your followers to see what you’re doing.

If you have any further questions, comment us below, and we’ll help you out.