Instagram is the most popular platform between social networks. In this article, I am going to share some tips in here to let you mention other people’s username while replying them on Instagram.

Instagram enables you to mention up to 5 users in a comment. People will instantly receive a notification of you mentioning them in a post or comment.

Why should I Mention Someone on Instagram?

If you reply someone’s comment without mentioning their username, they won’t find out that you responded to them, you have to mention their username so that they can see your reply in their notifications, and respond to you as quickly as possible and communicate much easier on Instagram.

How To Mention Someone On Instagram?

To mention someone, you have to :

1- Tap their username and hold for 2 seconds; a menu will pop up from the bottom.

How to mention someone on Instagram ?

The pop-up menu includes:

  • Mention user
  • Go to user
  • Cancel

2- Once you saw the pop-up menu, tap “Mention User.”

How to mention someone on Instagram ?

3- Then your comment will be displayed as @username

4- Now you can continue and write your comment after the username mention.

How Many People Can I Mention on Instagram?

You can mention up to 5 usernames in one reply. If you need to mention more than that, you should reply in another comment. If you mention more than 5 users in a comment, Instagram will show you an error like this:

How to mention someone on Instagram ?