“We are rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts,” an Instagram spokesman told the News blog. The new function called “Self-Regram” would make it easier for influencers, businesses, and anyone with multiple Instagram accounts to simultaneously promote content across profiles, instead of copy-pasting on each one.

But it could turn people’s feeds into a scrolling stream of monotony_ “with different audiences of different accounts seeing the same shots and captions,” TechCrunch said.

And isn’t that why Instagram avoided a native “regram” feature (the ability to repost someone else’s post to your feed) in the first place?

How to Post Multiple Instagram Accounts Simultaneously?

Instagram allows the iOS users to publish a post to multiple accounts at once. Judging by a screenshot shared by TechCrunch, people with several Instagram accounts can pick one (or more) to share pictures, meme s, videos, and plaintexts. This feature is currently available to those running iOS.

Here’s How to Use it:

1- on the final page of the photo-sharing process, look for the “Post to other Accounts” drop-down menu.

2- all logged in accounts will appear with the option to toggle them on or off!

3- you can switch them on to enable to feature.

It is not clear that when this will hit Android, or whether it’ll reach Instagram stories, as well. It is also unclear how vital this feature really is. Most users who have multiple Instagram accounts use one for personal things and another for business, so they rarely overlap in content.