Sometimes it is necessary to find a way to watch what someone has posted on Instagram Stories without them knowing that you’re stalking them sitting on the couch waiting for them to update.

I can show you a sneaky way to look at their stories without your name appearing on the list of their story viewers.

Here’s how it’s done.

1. Find the story you want to see and view the story right next to it on your feed instead. For example, Let’s say we’re dying to see Izkiz’s story and are using Rizcarlton’s as a tool to get what we want.

How to see someone’s story anonymously

2. We should pause at a spot in Izkiz’s story by pressing and holding on the story.

3. Now, we should use our free hand to swipe left on the screen gently and hold it there. You can see a part of the story, right?

4. Remember not to get too enthusiastic with your swipe; when you pull back into the secondary story again, you’ll spot that the circle on the desired one is still 100% intact. Success. That means you haven’t officially viewed the person’s content.


Do not swipe too hard left or right otherwise you will become one of the story viewers of your target. Have this in mind that you can’t exactly see a lot of what’s going on from one tiny portion of the clip.

But anyway, this is a great and easy way to fool the!