Instagram is on fire! It keeps getting better and better. I mean seriously guys, all these perfect visual features and the ability to chat with your friends through DMs, could it be any better?

I’m here to say, yes it can, Instagram Direct Message is getting even better. The platform has partnered with Giphy, the unquestioned king of the GIF, to let you send GIFs straight through Instagram DM without leaving the app.

How to send GIF through Instagram DMs?

To start sending GIFs to your friends on Instagram direct messages, you should follow these steps:

  1. Update your Instagram to the latest version.
  2. Go to your direct messages
  3. Open one of your DM conversations
  4. tap on the new gif button on the composer bar
  5. Browse or search for any GIFs that you want
  6. Tap on them and done!

This is how you send gifs on DMs.

Note! The update also has a feature that allows people to see who created the GIFs they are using, which can provide an opportunity to find GIF creators if you are really into a specific GIF aesthetic.

This feature is giving DMs more functionality so that users stay on the app rather than shifting to another one. Also, who wouldn’t love using more GIFs in their life?

DM GIFs are now available in the latest version of Instagram, both on iOS and Android.