If I could have just one wish in life, I would wish to share all of the world’s cutest kitten pics with other people.
Seriously, this can be exciting for me. I love kittens.

But now, thanks to Instagram, I can do it. The company has created a new feature that will let me do so. If you want to share the pictures of cute kittens, here is How to share feed posts to your Instagram stories. It is as comfortable as clicking a button.

According to Instagram press site, all you have to do is click on the paper airplane button under the post you want to share (as if you’re going to send it via Direct message). Instead of sharing the post with your friend you have to choose “ add the post to your story.” and done!

Step by step guide to share feed posts on your Instagram stories

1- Find the post you would like to share.

2- Tap the paper place icon under the post.

3- This brings up the “send to” menu.

How to Share Feed Posts to Your Instagram Stories?

4- Tap “add the post to your story” at the top of the list.

5- Tapping this mark will add the post to your story as a sticker on a customized background, ready to edit.

6- If you want, you can now scale, rotate and move the sticker like any other before sharing it on your story.

How to Share Feed Posts to Your Instagram Stories?

According to the press, you can only share posts from public accounts. So if you want to post your best friend’s birthday picture for your story, you would not be able to do so if their accounts are private. Sorry!

Instagram is totally my favorite platform right now because I can share others’ posts in my Instagram story, so you should know that all of my stories will consist of kittens and baby pictures for all eternity!