Here is a familiar situation that will surely happen to all of us: We leave the house with a fully charged
smartphone and when we arrive at the destination, we see only 37% charge. What made the battery life
Apps, especially social medias applications.

A typical person will spend 4 hours a day using his smartphone. 80% is spent on the use of apps, which is
50% only for social media applications.
Instagram is one of the apps that has the most downloads with over 700 million active users. With this
quick hashtag guide, you’ll have the opportunity to see your small business among 700 million users
across the globe.
Here is a quick summary of what we' are going to cover:
1. How to use Instagram hashtags – Basic Principles
2. Types of Instagram hashtags
3. Instagram metrics to measure

How to use Instagram hashtags - Basic Principles

– # + word = one hashtag
– Make your target as part of a comment or caption.
– Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags per post.
– There are some hashtags that block your post. The Instagram did not list particular hashtags, but you
can see if there is a good hashtag by surfing the Google or checking the hashtag on Instagram.
– Remember, you may temporarily get a block if someone reports that you are using unrelated hashtags.

Types of Instagram hashtags

Popular: #instagood (608M), #photooftheday (433M), #followme (331M) The most popular hashtags
with 100 to 500 million posts. This is what you want, but it can be temporary. Because it is possible that
your post will get lost among 100 million other posts. Use these three hashtags for your post and make
the initial communication process with others.
Categorical: #photography (131M), #travel (197M), #nature (245M) One of the goals of using the
hashtag is to categorize your post based on the topic so that its accessibility gets easy for everyone else.
Many new users follow their favorite hashtags for their favorite pages.

Community: #exploretocreate (74M), #fitfam (71M), #justgoshoot (14M). Collecting different
communities around with the help of hashtags is one of the unique features of Instagram. Using this
feature will help connect users who have the same interests and aspirations with your business. This is
one of the best ways to connect with your contacts. By getting real followers for your page, you can
expand your business.
Branded: #justdoit (Nike 11M), #shareacoke (Coca-Cola 663K), #mycalvins (503K) Do you have any
slogan for your brand? Using the name of your brand as a hashtag and encouraging your followers to
use that hashtag not only creates a special campaign for you, but you actually launched a “free
marketing” (UGC) for your brand. Engagement will cause your brand stay live for a long-term.

Instagram metrics to measure

Remember to progress well and keep track of success. There is a series of free services like SumAll that
do all the hard work for you.
A few points about the measurement criteria:
– like, comment and saved posts (or their average amount).
– Impressions: the amount of view for each post
– Reach: The number of unique subscribers who visit the post
– Number of followers gained and lost
– Participation rate of the audiences

Although there are many factors that can help you succeed in your business on Instagram, these simple
tips will help you get the first advancements through it.