Instagram stories have been around for two years now and have at least up to 500 million daily users. We have seen how Instagram stories can increase engagement on the platform and give people and brands the opportunity to get in front of their target audience.

Think about it. When you open your Instagram, do you find yourself drifting more towards the story circles as opposed to the feed posts itself?

Your Instagram feed posts are still essential, but Instagram stories can be great for driving engagement to your brand account. Here are some tips that help you use Instagram to drive more engagement:

How to Use Instagram Stories to Drive more Engagement?

Polls, question and countdown stickers

Instagram has rolled out many awesome features for Instagram stories that you should make use of, such as polls, countdown and question stickers. You can survey your followers and ask them feedback using the polls feature. “question stickers” offer an “ask me anything” type format that you can easily share with your audience. All of this helps your followers interact with you and can provide you for some excellent ideas for future content.

How to Use Instagram Stories to Drive more Engagement?

Swipe up feature

Have you noticed swipe ups on Instagram stories? This feature is one of the ways Instagram rewards people for growing followers on the platform. Right now it’s only available to users that have 10k or more followers; this feature can be a good reason for you to start growing your Instagram followers.


You can make use of hashtags on your Instagram stories to increase your story exposure. You should use relevant hashtags instead of using the popular and trendy ones. Stories are different from regular posts in this case. You can easily double your number of viewers by using your community hashtags. Just give it a try and enjoy the results.

How to Use Instagram Stories to Drive more Engagement?

Sharing posts on stories

If you post a new picture or video to your Instagram feed, you can share It on your story to drive more traffic to your new post. You will see an option under your post that says “add the post to your story.” Tap on it and add your hashtags, polls, and gifs to it. And include a call to action that tells people to check your new post.

How to Use Instagram Stories to Drive more Engagement?

Username mentions

If you are talking about another brand or person or they are in the picture, mention them! You can tag people and brands on your story, but remember they will receive a notification. You can direct your followers to your another account by mentioning its username on your story.

How to Use Instagram Stories to Drive more Engagement?

Shopping feature

If you have an e-commerce or online store, you can use Instagram shopping for your feed and stories. You can do this by connecting your shop catalog with Instagram and apply for approval. It can be a huge game changer for your business.

Post on a daily basis

Try to be consistent about posting stories on your Instagram account. You can share 1 to 3 stories per day so that your followers won’t forget about you, on the other hand, don’t overdo it because it may overwhelm your audience.

Get creative

Instagram is constantly rolling out new features; like font types and shadows, background music, pinning text, gifs and more for Instagram stories. Just try to have fun and get creative with the new features. Keep your Instagram updates so you can be among the first to try the new features.

That’s all guys.

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