You should be surprised how you can have the most followers on Instagram!

you surely care about the Instagram’s stories and how you can use it to communicate more with your audiences and followers. As you know, the videos on Instagram’s stories are one of the best runners to have fun and gain experience in an informal program.

So if you want to use more videos, connect with your followers, buy real Instagram followers and share more at the moment and behind the scenes, then follow these tips.

1. Do not ignore it:

Instagram stories are great for out-of-the-box events, so your audience and followers can learn more about you. Think about the things you like in others’ stories, and then they’ll come to terms with what’s happening in your life, business, tips and tricks that might be appealing. By showing your personality, you’re attracting your fans. The followers that love you and the process of your business, at the end of the day, find that you are working as they are, which means common sense.

2. Add the ability to access promotional messages into your stories:

If it’s hard for you to have marketing, Instagram Story is the best way to do this automatically. Share as exciting news about new customers, projects and showcasing your products and services. All that we know about the right stories is that you can bring people on the journey with you. Think about what’s going on in your business and what you do, and who can share it and what benefits people can make. I’m doing a lot of general stories, and then there’s a message saying, “make sure you book in for X” it’s quite clear that what I want people to do.

3. show and tell:

One of the people who succeeded in doing this was taking photos of all the packages they were supposed to send to customers and sending them their orders for them.

It is very exciting for a customer to see the photo before ordering it.

Do not hesitate to give your customers the opportunity to showcase their products and services.

People like to see what they have ordered.

4. Use POLLS to contact your followers:

By using things like surveying your story (see Sticker for accessing this feature), you can ask the opinions of your audience and also communicate directly with them.

In fact, when you challenge people to answer a question, it will interact with you.

Asking people’s opinions about products, colors, services, fun stuff – and so on – is always worthwhile for them.

5. Think of other stories:

Do not know what to do about it? Use the “30-day challenge” method to increase self-confidence and share stories. Examples include:

How will the future of your business be?

What are you doing right now?

What are your plans for 2018?

How do you feel about it all?

What was the reaction of some of the customers?

What is your plan for next year and what is important to you?

Re-introduce yourself to people who do not know you.

Think about what you specialize and what you can share with them.

Share your thoughts and insights

Share where you are, events, parties, shops, and things you’ve bought.

6. Instagram highlights:

Instagram’s highlight feature has recently been added and is the best way to introduce yourself and your brand to the people. With this feature, you can do some kind of things below.

  1. Make a brief introduction about yourself.
  2. You can leave the news of the day.
  3. Mention how to use and access your product.

You do not need to be serious about promoting your brand. People like it and help you build your brand and attract more customers!