From SEO to social media, algorithms are usually what determine who actually sees the content you post and who does not. As the algorithm changes, yesterday’s marketing strategies might become less efficient tomorrow. That’s why your policy on each social media platform needs to change as the algorithm changes.

On Instagram just posting on a consistent basis with the right hashtags won’t necessarily ensure that your content will always reach its expected audience.

Instead, you should consider how you can work with the new algorithm to ease your way to a better Instagram marketing.

How does the new Instagram algorithm work?

The new Instagram algorithm manages the order of the posts that Instagram users see when they are scrolling through their feed.

Based on particular signs, it prioritizes posts, driving the most relevant posts to the top and giving them the most visibility, while other contents are being placed further down in one’s feed.

These three factors can help you find out about your Instagram strategy:

How to use the new Instagram algorithm to boost your business account?

  • Relationship with the user:

If a user has interacted with a lot of your past posts, they will be more likely to see your future posts. Users interest This factor is based on whether the user engages with other related posts and accounts. Users who also interact with similar niche are more likely to see your own posts.

  • Recency of the post:

More recent posts will be pushed to the top of the feed, while older posts will show up further down.

There were also more general points that Instagram shared, which you can make a note of:

  • If users follow a lot of accounts, you will face more competition for the top place in their feed.
  • Business profiles on Instagram are instantly at a disadvantage in terms of organic reach compared to individual accounts.

Now, you might be thinking what all this have to do with your Instagram marketing strategy.

So let’s take a look at the ways you can change your approach to reach more of your consumers.


Build up a better relationship with your audience

customer loyalty and constant engagement from your followers is now more critical than ever because it can get you on top of their feeds.

how to create a better relationship with your audience

  • Try to encourage your followers to share their ideas and find an opportunity to start a conversation with them.
  • Share User-generated content about your business that your audience has posted. This not only causes more UGC, but followers may tag you in their posts and further increase your digital trace on Instagram.
  • Use Engagement-building contests, like tag-a-friend posts or Instagram contests that encourage people to comment.


Post when your followers are online

As RECENCY is a factor in where your post ends up in your followers’ feeds, use it to your advantage. This will show Instagram that it’s a content that more of your followers would want to see.

To get the maximum engagement of every post, try to post your content during your peak posting times.

Finding your peak posting times may take a little time and effort, you can start by using your Instagram Analytics report, available to all Business accounts in the mobile app.

If you tap on the Audience tab in your Insights and scroll all the way down, you will see a section showing you when your followers are mostly online. You can view this information by days of the week or by the hour on every day.

How to use the new Instagram algorithm to boost your business account?

You should test out specific posting times to see what actually works best for you. Maybe posting right before a big wave of activity will work best for your brand, or perhaps it’s better to post right after a wave starts.


Respond to comments ASAP

Have you noticed the business profiles who respond to as many comments as possible on Instagram?

This produces social proof for your content, increasing your comment numbers while also encouraging more replies. But it also increases your chances of gaining more engagement while your post’s potential reach is at its top.

How to use the new Instagram algorithm to boost your business account?


Use hashtags to reach new active users

Hashtags can help you extend your reach by helping you show up in related searches.

For this method to be effective, you need to choose the hashtags that your target audience would search through to discover content and new users.

This is where you will get views that can lead to clicks through to your Instagram profile, engagement, and probably new followers.


Use Stories to get attention

Instagram Stories draw a lot of attention because they are not controlled by the same algorithm as posts in your feed. They are also an excellent way to interact with your followers and create loyalty, resulting in more engagement on your Instagram posts, and more reach.

There are many ways you can use stories:

  • Add hashtag stickers with your branded hashtag. When users tap on the sticker, they will be taken to a page of posts using that hashtag, whether they are your own, customer posts or both.
  • Share Stories from other accounts. Instagram allows you to share others’ Story directly to your own. You can even encourage your followers to share one of your posts to their Story.
  • Encourage engagement with interactive stickers. Such as poll stickers, the emoji slider, and question stickers. This provides you with even more content that your followers might engage with.


If you like to get the most out of your Instagram, it isn’t enough to focus only on publishing content regularly. You should also focus on overall relationship building while engaging with followers from outside of your posts and on them.

The Instagram algorithm will always be likely to change. But if you’re prepared to change with them, you’ll find unexpected new ways to reach your potential audience.