Your Instagram bio is one of the most critical factors on this platform. It doesn’t matter what is the purpose of your account, whatever you do, your bio is the first thing that your potential followers are going to notice.

Your Instagram bio is the key for users to learn:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Where to find you

So, it will help you to get more engagements and be decisive for people to choose whether to follow you or not.

How to create a killer Instagram bio for your account?

People only need a few seconds to get the first impression of a social account, profile or website and, need 2.6 seconds for the viewer’s eyes to concentrate and reconfirm that first impression.
What is the first impression people get when they visit your Instagram profile?

Your bio gathers a brief description that speaks to you. Take as much time as you need to create a perfect one. Just be creative, realistic and persuasive.

So, now keep reading and Let’s analyze all the fields on your Instagram Bio one by one.

1- Your name on Instagram

What is your name, or the name of your brand?

Usernames don’t always represent who you are. It might be that your name has already been taken by another user.

If this is your problem, include your name or your brands’ so you can be identified.

If your username identifies who you are, you won’t need to write your name again in the description. Use the field to explain what you do.

If you have a brand for yourself, you can add your specialization, skills or what you do to promote your brand and optimize your Instagram profile.

If you are one of those famous people or celebrities, you have to include in your description your name followed by the word “official.”

How to Write good Instagram Bios to Make an Impression in 2018

2- Important information to be involved in your Instagram bio

  • Your specialty: your skills and job. You can write and explain what you have to offer your potential followers as an easy way to introduce percussive text in your description.
  • Add your location: you have to include your phone number or location if you want to attract the local public.
  • Your contact information: Instagram lets you include contact buttons with your email or phone number. Make sure that your future followers can find a way to get in touch with you.

3- Link

You have to include a link to your Instagram bio from your website or blog to drive organic traffic to them.

the only problem here is that you can only add one clickable link to your Instagram bio, so if you have more than one link that you want to share in your Instagram bi, then you can use some help.

4- Emoji’s

You can use emoji’s in your Instagram bio to look more visual and alive.

How to Write good Instagram Bios to Make an Impression in 2018

5- Add hashtags or usernames to your Instagram bio

One of Instagram’s new features lets can add a clickable hashtag or username to your Instagram bio.

  • If you want to redirect visitors from one account to another, you should add it’s username to your Bio.
  • Create a particular branded hashtag for your business or yourself and include it in your bio to spread it.

6- Stories highlights

You can keep your stories for more than 24 hours now. You can add them to your highlights and boost your engagements. Also, the option of creating highlight folders helps you keep your highlight stories more organized.

How to Write good Instagram Bios to Make an Impression in 2018

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Apply these tricks and take your time to create a perfect bio for your Instagram account that makes your account stand out.