Instagram is introducing the ability to add up to 10 photos and videos to a single post, album-style.

Users can swipe through to see each individual piece of content in the post, similar to Snapchat’s slideshow storytelling format.

Some publications are already decrying the death of Instagram’s culture of careful curation, but this change actually offers a lot of opportunity—especially for businesses.

Listen up: this change means you can essentially create carousel ads—a highly engaging and interactive format that performs 10 times better than regular ads—for free.


5 ways businesses can use Instagram’s new album feature

Because albums are an easy way to create an interactive post, they’re also a low-barrier way for brands to share rich media and foster more engagement with followers.

Like carousel ads, Instagram’s newest feature will allow you to combine photos and video to tell stories and convey information in the best way possible.

1. Showcase products

Whether you choose to show off several different products or highlight features of a single product, the albums format is a great way to tell people about what you offer.

2. Tell a story

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then what are 10 photos and videos worth? So. Much. More.

Albums give brands the opportunity to explore new creative avenues for storytelling, breaking stories down into multiple parts to make them even more engaging for the audience.

3. Explain how to do something

The ability to easily pull together multiple elements into one single posts makes albums the perfect place to share a how-to. Write instructions on individual photos, have someone explain what’s happening in a video—the sky’s the limit.

4. Break a larger image into multiple parts

Lots of brands have happily embraced the #triplegram—a tactic that involves posting three related images, or one image cropped into three, in succession. With albums, this process is even easier.

Crop a panorama into several pieces to show off details. Then, get creative with other functionality, like zoom, to engage your audience.

5. Share an event without spamming

Have you ever held an event and wanted to share, well, everything? But Instagram etiquette—and the desire not to spam your followers—kept you to an agonizingly chosen one or two images? No more.

Now you can carefully curate the best of the best photos or videos from an event and share them in a grouping that gives them added context—and prevents your audience from hitting the unfollow button.

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