This is an update to a previous entry about Instagram follow limits and how to moderate your activities in order to avoid getting your account into the ‘Instagram jail’ and even avoid the ‘ban hammer’. We are going to do a summary of what’s explained in that post and add what we’ve learnt since the last update.

Key areas we’re going to cover include:

Apart from the main themes, we’re also going to touch on Instagram automation and monetization.

With that said, let’s get started with our first pointer.

How many people can you follow/unfollow on Instagram at a time?

We attempted to answer this question previously. Things haven’t changed much since but I believe we need a new approach when setting our follow/unfollow limits.

What’s important to note here is that there’s no universal follow and unfollow limits for Instagram, a lot of factors come to play here. I’ll mention a few important ones:

  • Age of Instagram account
  • Size – Number of followers
  • Overall engagement (commenting, liking)
  • Active/inactive accounts

among others.

Simply stated: aged Instagram accounts (~3months +) are able to follow more than new accounts; accounts with a lot of followers can follow more than those with few followers; active accounts that also have great engagement also tend to be allowed to follow more than dormant accounts.

So what’s the best approach you ask?

I set my follow limit for new Instagram accounts at 300 – 350/day for the first week. I then increase that number by between 50 – 70 every other week that follows until I reach a maximum of 800/day for that account.

It is possible to go beyond 800/day when your numbers grow but I prefer to avoid reaching limits when my accounts would get temporary bans.

Now let’s break that further down.

Say if you have a maximum of 5 hours a day to do the follow/unfollow method (assuming you’re doing it manually), and you’re working on a new Instagram account. That would amount to a maximum of 70/hr or 6 every 5 minutes. Those are very safe figures if you asked me.

Instagram like limits

The general consensus from the people I talk to and a bit of my own experience is, you can safely like per day upto 1.5x the amount of follows you do. Say, for instance, your follow limit is 400/day, that allows you up to 600 likes per day. Keep in mind that these are by no means any official figures but simple estimates we’ve made from our own experiences.

Instagram Comments Limits

Personally, I’ve never had to write so many comments to the extent that Instagram stopped me from doing more, but I’ve spoken to many people that are more aggressive with their strategies on Instagram and they agree that a maximum of 250/day would be safe.

Since we’ve already covered new Instagram accounts and how to ‘warm them up’, we should talk a bit about the follow/unfollow approach.

Automating Your Instagram Growth

For many of us, following up to 800/day, unfollowing another couple hundred, liking and commenting can prove too hard a task to do manually. Now imagine doing that every day. And what if you have more than one Instagram account to manage? It becomes almost impossible.

That’s where Instazood comes in. With Instazood, you can set it up to do all the tasks you’d otherwise have had to do manually. It frees you up so that you can have time to focus on other equally important areas of your business.

If Instagram is your main focus make sure you select the Instagram Edition especially if you plan to set up unlimited accounts and with all Instagram features available. If you can’t spot this edition on the website, scroll further down to the footer section.

We have a 3-day  trial period so might want to check it out now. It is quite easy to set up but in case you’re unsure of anything, feel free to ticket to our supporting.