Instagram has included a voice messaging feature to its Direct messages. The new feature enables users to send each other voice messages up to one-minute long in private and group chats. This new update is rolling out now for iOS and Android.

By this feature, users can record messages by holding the microphone button. It will send automatically when you release the button, so if you are not sure about sending the message or need to re-record it, you can slide your finger over the record button to the trash can icon to delete it.

Instagram now Lets you to Send Audio Messages on DMs

With this vast power comes substantial responsibility, though. The ability to send voice messages means it would be a lot easier to send messages which you may or may not regret the next morning.

The good news: There is a method to un-send DMs. After sending a Direct message, just tap on it and hit Un-send, which should remove it. There is a chance that the receiver will still get the notification.

This update to Direct Messages comes after Instagram’s recent launch of Close Friends, another feature created to help users connect more easily and personally on the platform. The Close Friends feature lets you create a list of your closest friends to share your Instagram Stories only with them. You know, the NSFW content that you don’t want to share with your weird aunt or former boss. Be careful though, with those, too — just because you are sharing Stories to a selected group of friends doesn’t mean they can’t be screenshot and distributed beyond your inner circle.

How to send voice messages on Instagram DMs?

Instagram’s voice message feature is much similar to sending voice messages through texts.

  1. You should go to your DMs by tapping the arrow on the upper right-hand corner of the app.
  2. Search for or select your message receiver.
  3. In the message area, there’s now a new button next to the “add image” icon which looks like a microphone.
  4. That’s how you can record your voice message.
  5. All your other tools, like hearts, GIFs, and instant responses, are still there but They’re trimmed behind a “plus” icon, so the message box would not be crowded with icons.
Why Can’t I Send Voice Messages On Instagram?

But what if you can’t find that microphone icon? There are a few ways to see if that kick-starts the update to your Instagram app. Here are some troubleshooting techniques that might help you get into the voice DM as soon as possible.

1- Update your Instagram to the latest version

If your Instagram application didn’t update automatically, go to the app store or google play to see if new updates are available yet. If you can’t see any updates, the new features still haven’t been rolled out to you.

2- Restart your phone

If you have updated your Instagram app but still can’t see the new features, you might need to restart your phone. Once your phone boots back up, recheck the Instagram to see if they are showing up yet.

3- Log Out And Back Into Your Instagram Account

When restarting your phone doesn’t work, try “rebooting” Instagram by logging out and back in. It’s kind of like restarting Instagram like you restart a PC or your phone.

4- Uninstall and Reinstall your Instagram app

If you still aren’t finding the new feature, you can also try uninstalling the app from your phone and then reinstalling it. That’s like an entire Instagram reboot.

5- Wait for it!

Just be cool and wait for it. That might mean Instagram hasn’t rolled the new feature out to you yet, and it will only be a matter of time before you get it on your app.

Being the last one to receive a new feature isn’t that much fun, but sometimes there will be nothing else to do but wait. Instagram doesn’t roll new features out to all people all at once, so sometimes your friends will get a new feature before you do or vice versa.

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