You won’t like the following news if you an introvert! Instagram has been so active for the past month, and now it has released a new update similar to online notifiers on facebook. Now your followers can see precisely how much time you spend sneaking on Instagram. This can be a nightmare for introvert Instagrammers! (lol)

On Thursday evening, Instagram published the rollout of a new feature that lets your friends find out when you’re using the app. The theory is similar to Facebook Messenger: when one of your following accounts or the ones you have previously messaged, is “active” in the app, Instagram displays a green dot next to their name on the DM page that lets you know they’re currently online.

Instagram Online Status Dot _ How to Turn it Off

Instagram clarified that the purpose of this option is to make the in-app chats easier for users.

“This update gives you the ability to have more of those real-time conversations while giving you the control to hide your status altogether,” Instagram wrote in a blog post.

Who can see your online notifier?

Not all of your followers can see your online status, Only the people you have followed or had direct conversations with them before. They will recognize how recently you were online. This feature has benefits for Instagrammers who use the service to chat with businesses or their customers and need to see if they are online or not.

How to find out if a user is online on Instagram

  • There are a few methods to notice when someone’s online:
  • There will be a green dot against their username and photo in the Direct page.
  • There will be a green dot near their username and photo somewhere else on Instagram.
  • You can see their most recent activity status on your DM inbox.

The difference between activity status and online status

Instagram had released activity status before, but the difference between them is that activity status will show your followers the time of your last activity, likes comments or messages. Not the lurking time!

But the online status will appear whenever you are using the app actively or just sneaking around!

Instagram Online Status Dot _ How to Turn it Off

How to turn off the online status

Don’t worry; you can hide your online status or turn off statuses altogether in the app’s settings. So, here’s how:

  • Go to your profile in the app
  • Select the gear icon that opens up settings and options.
  • In the “privacy and security” part of the settings, there’s an option to edit the activity status.
  • You can turn it green (on) and turn it off.

That’s all.

Instagram Online Status Dot _ How to Turn it Off

Instagram Online Status Dot _ How to Turn it Off