These limits are mainly related to third-party apps. So, what can you share on Instagram and in what quantities? Let’s find out!

Account limits on Instagram

First of all, you should have in mind that the restrictions are different for new and old accounts. Instagram’s administration follows profiles that were created less than six months ago. That’s why, if you just created a new Instagram account, you don’t have to include the mass-following and try to get as many followers as possible in a short period. Start by filling out your account and getting followers by standards.

Instagram Rules and Restrictions: Limits for Likes, Followers and Comments

Limits for old accounts:

  • Follows – no more than one following in 28-38 seconds, no more than 200 following per hour, no more than 1000 followings per day.
  • Unfollows – no more than one unfollowing in 12-22 seconds, no more than 2000 unfollowing per day.
  • Likes – no more than one liking in 28-36 seconds, no more than 1000 likes per day.
  • Comments – no more than one comments for 400 seconds, no more than 14 comments per hour, the maximum characters are 2000.
  • Mentions – no more than five mentions per 1 message for 350-400 seconds.
  • Posts – no more than 12 posts per day.
  • Hashtags – don’t enter more than 6-7 hashtags under one post (although the rules say about 30 hashtags, it’s better not to do it).

Limits for new Instagram accounts:

  • Posts – no more than three pictures per day.
  • Follows, unfollows, and likes – no more than one time in 38-48 seconds and no more than 500 per day.

What are the conclusions? Better do nothing at all in the first 2 or 3 weeks after creating your Instagram account. Upload a few pictures and forget about your account: don’t get the Instagram administration attention.

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