Filters are one of the essential parts of the Instazood platform, they help you choose between services and make it work the way you want. you can choose different filters and personalize your bot services.
so in this review, we will show you how to work with them and use them more efficiently:

To find new followers from the contents that you have in mind, you should choose some targets(targets review) now you may be wondering how to manage them? What if we want to pick targets from a different region, country or gender? So we added this feature to help you manage your targets called filters part.

Generally, filters let you control and limit the activities of your Instagram bot. Therefore you can pick your audience more thoughtfully.

Here is a picture of the filters panel :

Instazood review: filters

As you can see there are some filters available:

  • Gender
  • Media age
  • Skip 10% accounts
  • Skip used accounts
  • Skip private users
  • Max followers
  • Max following
  • Min posts
  • Skip business accounts
  • Skip accounts with a website
  • Skip accounts with a phone number
  • Select language
  • Use unknown language
  • Blacklist
  • Stop words

So, you need more information about them, we will explain them separately.