Filters are one of the essential parts of the Instazood platform, they help you choose between services and make it work the way you want. you can choose different filters and personalize your bot services.
so in this review, we will show you how to work with them and use them more efficiently:

Max following

When a user has too many followings, It may mean that He/She is using an auto-promote platform, an Instagram bot or the account may be fake. So the user wouldn’t find out about you, and it wastes your bot activities.

The more important thing is that you need real followers right? So This doesn’t have benefits for you.

This filter helps you be in contact only with the accounts which have followed less than Max following you have in mind.

You can choose from 600 to 7500, but the default number is 2000.

Important note! You shouldn’t set the max following to 0. That way the system will not do any activities.

instazood review-Max following