Instagram like the other social media can consume much time, especially if you are trying to run a business on it. Creating quality content, posting at the right time to get more engagement, find people who might like your content, gaining followers and on and on, it can be overwhelming.

Why is that?

When you have a business account on Instagram, and you want to promote your account, you should get a great engagement rate to have new customers, and after that, you should build a secure connection with your followers to get them to be your loyal customer.

How can I get more engagements on Instagram?

Actually, it’s not that big a deal.

  • You should build up an attractive page with some quality posts to grab peoples
  • You get to know your audience to know where to find them, for example, if you have a makeup business, most of your audience are women, so you should look in the places where they might be there.
  • Find your audience and start contacting them by following them or leaving likes and comments on their posts.
  • This way they would see your activity and get curious, check your account and if they find you attractive, they will follow you.

Now you may be wondering this will take a lot of your time. That’s true. If you are running a business, you don’t have time to spare on Instagram. The good news is you don’t have to do these all by your self. Instazood has a lot of features that will do these automatically on your behalf.

In this review, I want to inform you about auto-comments. And how to use them on Instagram. One of the best ways to find new followers is to like them or comment on their posts. You may notice that people value the comments more than likes.

So you can automate the commenting process to get into a win-win situation (save your time and get more engagement).

The strategy behind this option is:

You should choose some hashtags or usernames to target, and after that write some default comments that you like the bot to leave on others posts on your behalf.

Which kind of comments should I choose?

The comments can be

  •  positive-feeling emojis after a great phrase
  • you shouldn’t just use generic comments like, “Great post!” or “Awesome!” or “I love your profile, let’s connect!”

Note! You should use different variations, and your sentences must contain at least 5 or 6 words. These one-word comments are some kind of spammy and get you into trouble.
You get the idea.

How to use auto-comments on Instagram?

  • First, go to your panel and tap on the comments option.
  • You see some default comments that bot has prepared for you. You can change them if you want but have these in mind:
  • To prevent getting banned or blocked, you should use this pattern in your message {## | ## | ## }.

instazood auto camment

  • You can change your default comments in Setting–>Comment–> Message Box.
  • When you use this format, the system randomly uses on each message one of the words you’ve written between square brackets. In fact, the system converts your message into multiple messages.


If your message is:

{Hi | Hello | Hi Dear}, Thanks for {following|commenting|liking|visiting my page}. {Have a nice day | Have a good day | Thank you}

The system sends these messages randomly:

Hi, Thanks for following. Have a nice day.

Hello, Thanks for following. Have a nice day.

Hi Dear, Thanks for following. Have a nice day.

Hi, Thanks for following. Have a good day.

Hi, Thanks for following. Thank you.

Hi, Thanks for following. Thank you.

Hello, Thanks for commenting. Have a nice day.

And so on.

(And four more different sentences.)

Have these in mind:

  • The messages you write should be suitable for all photos they will be applied to.
  • Use smiles and emojis in messages – such messages reduce the risk of getting banned on Instagram.

Note! To use Separating brackets ( | ) you can:

Alt+124 ( ThereThere is by default in mobile keyboard ) or “Shift + \.”