Once you decide to begin your own business, you should find out which type of business you want to proceed. Do you tend to be an independent business owner or to use a franchise?

What is a franchise?

The franchise is a method for growing and expanding business and services through a licensing relationship. The franchisors (can be a person or company that grants the license to a third party for managing a corporation under their brands). They will specify your products and services to and also provide you with an operating system, brand, and support.

There are some advantages and disadvantages on both side:

  1. To start a business by yourself:


  • No surprising issues from an existing business
  • creating a business plan based on your needs.
  • You can be your boss.


  • requires more time and effort
  • have a higher risk of failure
  • takes longer to become profitable and famous
  • financing may be more difficult to obtain

2- Getting a franchise: 


  • lower risk of failure over an independent business
    • using proven methods and products
    • on-going training support
    • local, regional, and national advertising
    • easy research and development
    • association and synergy with other franchisees
    • easier to obtain financing


  • lack of independence and freedom
  • a franchisor’s problem may become your problem

Franchise on Instazood

On Instazood, We provide systems, tools so that our franchisees can grow up to the system’s standards and assure customer satisfaction. as a Franchise; you have a much higher success rate compared to starting your own business from the ground up. This is especially important if you dream of owning your own business but are worried about going throw it alone.

As a franchisee of Instazood, you are never alone. You benefit from a reliable support system and dedicated experts who give you the time, training and tools to succeed.

How to join Instazood franchisees?

Instazood has many franchises in many countries all over the world in different languages. You can join us. Please send your request with your resume to us; We will check and contact you.