Filters are one of the essential parts of the Instazood platform, they help you choose between services and make it work the way you want. you can choose different filters and personalize your bot services.
so in this review, we will show you how to work with them and use them more efficiently:

Min posts

There are some accounts which aren’t so active in the Instagram or they are not being used anymore.

A normal user will post at least 1 or two posts in a week. So If you see a page with few posts, it means that the account is not that active on Instagram so it will be risky to spend your bot activities on them, cause they may not be very active.

Instazood has this filter to prevent this problem. It limits your bot activity range to the accounts that have no less than a specific number of posts.

You can choose a number starts from 0 ( but the default number is 3)

Note! They are many people who do not post photos on their Instagram, but they use Instagram regularly. So don’t be very picky about it.

instazood review min post