Filters are one of the essential parts of the Instazood platform, they help you choose between services and make it work the way you want. you can choose different filters and personalize your bot services.
so in this review, we will show you how to work with them and use them more efficiently:

You may now that business accounts on Instagram are so picky about their activities, especially the brands and the famous business pages. They wouldn’t like or follow you back, and it will be completely useless to try something on them.

This filter lets you skip the business accounts so that you wouldn’t waste your time and your bot activities on them.

instazood review Skip business accounts

Skip accounts with a website

The users who have website links on their profile usually are business profiles or celebrities. This is not general, but If you insist on not following them, you can check this option out on the filter panel of Instazood and use it to skip accounts with website links on their bio.

instazood review Skip business accounts

Skip accounts with a phone number

Some people write their phone number on their bio, like the site links, this one may mean that they are business profiles too.

If you want to skip these accounts, you can use this option, and It will be all done!

Instazood Reviews: Skip Business Accounts