There is no doubt that a large number of marketers have experienced the horrible outcomes of shadow banning. For those who are unfamiliar with this, the shadowban is the kind of ban that will stop showing the user’s new posts in feeds of non-subscribers, but they are never notified or told of the ban at all.

They usually only find out once they start to see a huge drop in the amount of engagement that they get from their marketing campaigns. Shadowbans can significantly lower your engagement in a very drastic way, and this is a dead giveaway to the problem.

The biggest issue with this type of ban is that even if you use specific hashtags, only those who already follow your account will be able to see the new posts. This pretty much makes it impossible for you to grow your audience numbers and it forces you to a standstill.

The realities behind shadowbans

Some marketers would consider that not being notified about this should be illegal, but the truth is that social media platforms can do as they please with the accounts on their platform. Even if you could start a legal battle due to loss of revenue for your business, you would still be dealing with a considerable problem with legal fees time-consuming paperwork and all kinds of hassles and setbacks. The point is that this is the last thing that you want is to spend time and resources on what would be an uphill battle.

This means that the best way to deal with this kind of issues is to avoid the Instagram shadowban and keep your marketing campaigns running smoothly. This is going to be the focus of this post, and we will guide you to a much more reliable outcome.

What are the reasons your account get shadowbanned?

Are all kinds of theories and rumors about the reasons why people get shadow banned. It seems like accounts that start to engage their audience with spam type content are usually the ones that are immediately affected by this, but any account owners have claimed to have suffered from the shadowban and they also reported not doing anything spammy or anything that broke Instagram’s terms of service.

There seems to be a huge connection between automation and this kind of bans. The problem is not the automation itself but the quality of the automation tools and software that is being used for marketing. There is absolutely no way for any marketing campaign to function efficiently in modern times without the use of automation. Given the fact that we are counting the minutes of each day instead of the hours, we need to ensure that we can work as efficiently as possible.

The most reliable and essential aspect of campaigning on Instagram is that this is a compelling network that has a large audience that grows day by day. Knowing how to avoid any issues and how to stay away from penalties and shadowbans is going to be extremely important.

The most common causes for a shadowban

Banned hashtags

This is a severe problem because keeping up with banned hashtags can be hard and some people make the mistake of posting them. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you take the time to be on the lookout for any banned hashtags. Just remember that even a single post of yours that has one banned hashtag could cause for that posts to be shadowbanned.

Software that violates Instagram’s terms of service

Software that violates the Instagram TOS will cause your account to be shadowbanned. Using a proper bot and software for engagement is essential. Don’t forget that there are software creators that make sure that their actions comply with the TOS, so all you need to do is take the time to find efficient and useful software solutions. These are the kind of solutions that will help you grow and engage your Instagram audience without any issues.

Avoid exceeding your daily activity

If you like, follow and comment too often, you could also be setting yourself up to get your account shadowbanned. The best way to avoid this is to consider the importance of monitoring your daily activities. There seems to be a specific measure for activity that your account can have based on longevity and follower count, but you should avoid exceeding more than 50 to 60 comments and 130 to 150 likes per hour. Anything that goes further than that is going pop up on the Instagram radar as spam and automated behavior that is going to get the account banned to a certain degree.

Being reported

In case you haven’t noticed, there are ways for people to get accounts banned by reporting them. If you can get a certain number of reports to a specific account, it will definitely show up on their radar, and you will be shadowbanned. They will usually check if the reports are valid, but once they do, they will probably place the ban for a while and this is going to affect your business greatly.

Avoid reports by complying with the terms of service. This is going to help you maintain a great standing and you will also avoid competitors with bad intentions who might want to ruin your marketing efforts.

Final thoughts

Finding the right kind of Instagram bot and the best automation tool, in general, is going to be essential if you want to achieve great results. Keep this in mind and look for the most reliable and professional tools that will help you stay one step in front of the competition at all times.

The tips we just gave you should be good enough to keep you from having any problem with your account. Always consider them, and you should have no shadowban issues with your campaigns at all.