LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature which will help you plan in-person meet-ups without having to switch away from your messaging stream.

As described by LinkedIn:

“Many of you have shared that you often coordinate meetings with the people you chat with in LinkedIn Messenger. We know that scheduling can often be a pain – you have to switch back and forth between apps to check your calendar, copy and paste multiple time slots, and then coordinate with the other person. So we set out to streamline this process. You can now share your availability directly within a conversation you’re having in the LinkedIn app.”

LinkedIn Adds new Meeting Planner Tools within its Messaging Stream

As you can see in the picture, by tapping on the new ‘Availability’ in the message stream, you can now reach your calendar, and then choose the open time slots you’d like to submit. LinkedIn also notes that, shortly, you’ll also be able to monitor and detect whether your recommended time works, and send a confirmation.

LinkedIn’s new feature employs a calendar day view mode produced only for this purpose. This will allow users to reference their current calendar systems on their phones or devices via LinkedIn, so you won’t have to make a whole new LinkedIn calendar just to promote this process.

LinkedIn Adds new Meeting Planner Tools within its Messaging Stream

Once you do spot an ideal time, you can also use LinkedIn’s ‘Location’ feature within messaging to recommend a place to meet, besides simplifying real-world relationship.

Use it as a stand against the continuous automation of all things – robots will never substitute humans, because, you can choose your own scheduled meeting blocks. No robot can tell you what to do.