Instagram has changed its algorithm again, and while we all claim to hate the issues with a time-sequenced, chronological news feed, the algorithm brings many beneficial results to users. Before the introduction of Instagram’s algorithm, people were spending around 30 minutes per day on Instagram, but since its implementation, that increased to 24 minutes per day per user.

Main factors

Instagram has declared the main factors that run its algorithm, And those factors are somewhat familiar to Facebooks:

  • Interest
  • Recency
  • Relationship

As with Facebook the Instagram feed is personalized and based on who and what the individual Instagram user likes rather than who they follow. So what you see on your feed is based on machine learning of your past behavior on Instagram. Even if you have the same followings as someone else, you will get a personalized feed based on how you interact with the accounts you follow.

  • Interest:

Instagram considers the user’s preference for posts and the level of which they have engaged with related content in the past. Instagram has established some useful image recognition tools which it seems to be factoring into the algorithm well before Facebook does. It prioritized the posts from friends and family. Therefore you will see 90% of posts from your family and friends instead of 50% when it was an entirely chronological feed.

  • Recency:

This factor is about recency with Instagram having feedback from users about observing older posts in their feeds. The purpose is to make it more chronological and to “feel fresher.”

  • Relationship:

This is about your prior engagement with the post creator. As you may know, engagement is measured by likes, views, comments, direct messages, and post tags.

New Changes in Instagram Algorithm Sep 2018

Other factors which also feature in the Instagram algorithm are:

  • Following:

If you follow a small number of accounts, you will see most of their content on your feed. But if you are following a large number of accounts, you will see only the top content.

  • Frequency:

the frequent Instagram visitors will have a more chronological experience as the also strives to show the best posts since their last visit.

  • Usage:

If you spend the right amount of time on Instagram, you are likely to see even more posts as Instagram tries to go deeper into its catalog.


Instagram posts are not getting the exposure they used to. It’s determined that only 10% of your followers are viewing your posts on their feed. Instagram measures the interest of your followers to decide whether or not it should be shown to the other 90% of your audience. Quality is getting very important on Instagram and is all about engagement. The most significant thing you can do is craft quality content that authentically resonates with your followers.