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Being very active is the way to go. You have to comment and like posts, create captivating and new content regularly. By following accounts that are similar to yours and following those who like your posts and content back in a positive way is also vital. Doing these actions and you will steadily increase your followers.

How do you increase your Instagram followers?

The problem that comes up is this is a full-time job.  If that is the only thing you have to do for the day, then you can manage that. However, real life comes along and most people who are actively building a business just do not the time. As well as this, you also have to create interesting relevant and value-packed content which is one of the most important parts of building your brand.

So how do you make time for life? Many have found the solution is to use Instagram bots and automation.

Why you Should Use an Instagram Bot for your Business

What is Instagram Bot?

Instagram bots automate the tasks that need to be done. You can program the bot to like or comment on posts that have a specific hashtag.  They can comment on anything you want such as “cool” or post a heart or other emoji of your choice.

They can also auto follow other accounts that are relevant to your target audience.

For example, if you are building a foodie account and want to have followers that are into this. You can select hashtags such as #foodie #foodporn and the bot will search out instagramers with these hashtags and auto follow them.

This creates interest and draws attention to your account.

The person owning the account that your bot has interacted with will then be drawn to look at your profile and follow you back if you give them a good enough reason to so.

What makes Instagram Bots useful?

These days more and more things are being automated. You can automate recurring bills on your bank account, reminders and even emails. It really makes sense that managing your social media accounts is an area that you can automate. Here are some of the benefits you can consider:

  • Instagram bots save you time as they are efficient and speedy.
  • It allows you to engage with your followers and build your brand on a daily basis.
  • Instagram bots get your more followers.
  • Bots can search for instagramers that you want to interact with.
  • They can follow back accounts that have followed you.

This increases your reach and gains you, new customers for the product that you are promoting.

If you program your bot in the right way and have an Instagram account that has incredible, unique and constantly developing new varied relevant content using a bot can be very beneficial and can multiply your followers. It will allow your great content to be discovered and reach more people than you could ever do manually.

However, there are some downsides to bots that you need to be aware of.

If you have a bot that has not been correctly programmed or you have it assigned to an account that does not have good content, then it will appear spammy and turn potential followers away. It will create a dislike instead of achieving its real purpose. This will be a waste of time, money and effort.

Tips for setting up a successful Instagram Bot

So before you start looking into bots and automation here are some tips for setting up an account that has high-quality visual content.

Why you Should Use an Instagram Bot for your Business

Firstly, the content needs to give value to your audience so they will want to follow you back. The bot will only be useful in converting interactions if you have something dynamic and interesting to follow.

You need to consider that the first glance look of the account is the most important. This is what will allow people to choose to follow you or not after they have received a like or a follow from you or your bot.

The more care you put into creating top-notch visual content is what will set you apart from other accounts and make your bot more effective in gaining followers.

Your account needs to stand out from other accounts with similar content or selling products in the same category that you are selling. The posts need to be unique, visually interesting and obviously give value for the time spent with those who look at your site and branding.

One easy way to do this is to plan out your content so that you are creating a differentiated visual grid.  You can do this with color or subject or even create a visual mood that lasts for several posts. You can set up a week or even a month in advance of what you want to be posted and move it around to create a visually impressive look to your profile.

  • You want to create something that someone will see in an instant that this is the account to follow
  • This is something they choose to have in their personal feed every day and you need to create something unique and spectacular for them
  • So, before you spend time and money on marketing and automation take the time to set up your account and make it inspirational.

Creating and maintaining a vibrant, interesting account is probably the one thing that is the most important of all.  Don’t slack off on the content.  This is what will create and keep a long lasting following. You can throw money at ads or other promotions, but if you don’t have an account that is worth following it is all for nothing.

Which is one reason to consider using bots, it takes away the pressure and it gives you time, time to really make a great proactive and user friendly site.

Another essential thing is to get to know which hashtags are posted by your potential followers and your target audience. To set up and use an effective bot you need to get to know your target audience.

  • Who are you aiming to reach?
  • What do they find valuable?
  • Why do they choose certain accounts to follow?
  • Who do they follow?
  • What hashtags?

The more you can know your audience, the more you will understand the type of person you want to convert and the more effective your campaign will be.

So take the time to really understand who you want to reach and their likes and who they follow. If you do this you can use the bots successfully and not create a spammy situation.

In summary, this is a way to use technology to your advantage. It allows you to spend more time on creating the right sort of content that stands out and building a brand instead of spending hours and hours manually searching out customers and interacting one on one. It’s a technological world today and this is the way to find leads and build a brand.



We all know that flowers have never really gone away; a wedding, funeral or Valentine’s Day gets people turning to nature’s artworks to show their feelings. But it seems like something is going on with the floristry industry: florists attract Instagram followings in their hundreds of thousands.

Social media is overflowing with floral imagery, and a fresh generation is tearing up the rulebook as floral designs go wild. In short, as a floral artist, Carly Rogers says, “it’s like the Gold Rush.”

So if you are a floral professional, you should definitely take advantage of the Instagram community to promote your flower business. With Instagram reaching 1 billion monthly users last year, it is essential to understand this audience! Instagram is one of the trendiest social media platforms with considerable influence. So, read on for some simple ways to start promoting your floral business on Instagram.


  • Create a floral business account on Instagram
  • Capture high-quality pictures
  • Engage other Instagram users
  • Start #Hashtagging
  • Facebook and Instagram: peanut butter and jelly!
  • Host a Contest Trend
  • Showcase your floral products
  • Build your Instagram feed like a bouquet
  • Post between once a day and once a week
How to Promote your Floral Business on Instagram?

Create a floral business account on Instagram

If you haven’t started yet, create a business Instagram account. Having a business account lets you link to your floral website, display contact information and connect your business Facebook page. Remember to include your site link to direct people to your floral webpage; it will perform as a “backlink” that builds your SEO visibility as well.

Capture high-quality pictures

Sharing a post on Instagram requires a little bit of time and effort.  Make sure your pictures are clear, look professional and appropriately composed. The marketing on Instagram is mainly visual, so It is the picture that gathers you more followers. Spend some time on capturing quality photos of your floral products.

You can use photo editing applications to create a perfect picture with different filters and share it directly on Instagram. Try to improve your photography skills to enhance your business!

Engage other Instagram users

To increase your brand credibility, you should be more active and engaging on Instagram, try to follow your followers back as well as other brands, mentors and floral professionals to engage in botanical conversations and get more visibility to their followers.

If you don’t have the time for Instagram engaging and you are always busy with arranging flowers, you can use proper Instagram automation tools such as Instagram bots (beware of the scammy ones!) to automate your Instagram routine and save some time for your other tasks. They work like a real person and gain you some organic engaging followers. So all you have to do is searching for the good ones on google, and that’s it!

How to Promote your Floral Business on Instagram?

Start #Hashtagging

Using hashtags has never been more critical to the platform than it is today. Make sure to use relevant hashtags on each of your posts, do not just copy-paste the same set of hashtags to all of them, Instagram’s algorithm defines successive posts with repeated hashtags as a measure to cut down on spams.

People can now also mark hashtags that they don’t want to see, which helps Instagram show them other new posts. This is another reason to use different hashtags, in case an Instagram user is filtering out the one that you use. Hashtags are a way of organizing posts on Instagram, and many people search through a given hashtag, they are not for decoration!

Facebook and Instagram: peanut butter and jelly!

Facebook owns Instagram, so you’d want to think of them as closely related. Connect your Facebook page (your business page) with your Instagram account to enable double-posting. This will increase your visibility to reach a broader range of users between the two social media platform.

How to Promote your Floral Business on Instagram?

Host a Contest Trend

Contests are just direct marketing with a little twist and have general appeal to many Instagram users. Invite people to interact with your brand with posts like “your pet with flower” or “share your favorite flower” and so on. There are a lot of possibilities, and sharing on both Facebook and Instagram is a great way to gain as many engaging followers as possible.

Showcase your floral products

Posting your floral operations is fantastic; however, it’s better for you to mix it up with other valuable posts that are related to your floral business. This gives your followers more information about who you are and a more personal relationship with you and your brand. Create content about your employees, shop pets, floral design tutorials, designs in progress, and some silly fun pictures to give them a glimpse of daily life around your shop.

Build your Instagram feed like a bouquet

Perfect Instagram pages (Feeds) have a set of different pictures that keep the viewers interested. This is essential for two main reasons; first, users who follow you don’t need to see minor remakes of the same picture over and over in their feeds. This is an excellent way to get unfollowed! Second, you should make your page look like a cohesive whole when users visit it because it shows your professionalism and commitment to great design aesthetics.

How to Promote your Floral Business on Instagram?

Imagine the composition of a perfect bouquet. In your design experience and floral education, you have learned to use geometric shapes and textures that work together to create a pretty, cohesive design. A beautiful bouquet requires a combination of filter, mass, and line flowers, including ranunculus and roses. Every bouquet needs a combination of all elements to build visual interest and mutually shows the features of each flower.

Similarly, your Instagram page needs to include a mix of pictures that have the same overall look and theme but are not cookie-cutter! Your photographs should focus on your designs and involve your beautiful flowers in some way, but they should not all be flat pictures of customer orders before delivery.

How to Promote your Floral Business on Instagram?

Here are some ideas:

  • Time-lapse videos of the arrangement process
  • Flower arrangements about to go out for delivery with different backdrops.
  • Pictures from weddings and other events
  • A tiny posy of flowers in an unusual or exciting place.

Post between once a day and once a week

Don’t overwhelm your Instagram followers, but make sure you are maintaining the connection and getting your pictures out there. Small businesses and social media managers both are vulnerable to falling into the trap of “flooding” users’ feeds with posts. This can annoy your followers, who will react by limiting their engagement with your content or unfollowing you, which will knock you out of the algorithm explained above. Alternatively, your week in posting should consist of your most photogenic flower arrangements or other pictures you captured that week. If you only designed for an event or wedding, pick the best two or three of those pictures and skip different types of posts that week.

How to Promote your Floral Business on Instagram?


Instagram can be hard to master, even for those who are very familiar with social media or even use it for a living. The best way to learn is, to begin with, essential tips and try different ideas, posting times and captions.

Florists, do you have any good pieces of advice for other florists on Instagram?
Please your feedback or related questions in the comments below.