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More than 500 million users get to interact with Instagram Stories every day – 73% of Instagram influencers assume stories very influential in their jobs – More than 70% of Instagram users watch stories daily – 98% of the marketers said they have used or have planned to use stories on Instagram – 50% of businesses claimed that they had posted at least one story on Instagram during the last year – all these numbers and statistics are enough to convince us to dedicate a full blog to her majesty! “Instagram Story”


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Instagram is effortlessly trying to improve its functionality and features day by day. And recently they have been giving out new updates and features one after another which each of them Is useful for a specific group of users, and Instagram thinks about all of the users whether they are marketers, businesses or just personal accounts who use Instagram just for fun.


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Instagram lets you add stories Highlights yo your profile which is a collection of the stories you have uploaded in the past on Instagram. This feature allows your Instagram profile to look more attractive because it provides people for another insight into what you have in mind.

If you want to add a story from your gallery or camera roll directly to your Highlights, this wouldn’t be possible because Instagram only allows you to share a highlight based on what you’ve uploaded on Instagram stories and left for a full 24 hours. If you didn’t leave your story for 24 hours, you wouldn’t be able to add it to your Instagram Highlight.

Add  Instagram Story to Highlights without Adding to Story

You need to block your followers from seeing your story, upload the story that you want to add to your Instagram Highlights. After 24 hours, you can add it to your Highlights and unblock people from seeing your story.

1- Switch to private account

The first thing you can try is switching your account to private – doing this will stop users from viewing your story if they aren’t from your followers. If your account is public before uploading your story, people who are not don’t follow you will also be able to see the story that you blocked your followers from seeing.

How to Add Instagram Highlights without Adding to Story

2- Block Everyone from Seeing your Story

To stop everyone from seeing your story:

Go to your Instagram settings

Click on story controls

Click on 0 people

Now you need to select all of your followers to stop them from seeing your story.

Note! This may take a  while depending on how many followers you have.

How to Add Instagram Highlights without Adding to Story

3- Upload your story

After blocking everyone from seeing your story, upload the story from your gallery and leave it for 4 hours. Or you can do this while your story is live, and they would not be able to see the story.

4- add your story to highlights

After uploading your story on Instagram, tap on the highlight button at the bottom and choose the highlight you want it in.

How to Add Instagram Highlights without Adding to Story

5– unblock people from seeing your story

After adding the story to your highlights and waiting for 24 hours, you should start unblocking people whom you blocked on Instagram story control and voila!



Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks around us. The photo-sharing app launched its Stories feature in August 2016. The result has been surprising as for the other features of Instagram.

The Stories feature enables users to post pictures, videos, or even text that disappears after 24 hours. Instagram Stories are exciting and fun. You can make them as interactive and creative as you want. It provides your audience with good reasons to follow you and come back for more.

Here is how you can use Instagram Stories to build a brand awareness

1- Use Story Highlights

Did you know that you can make your Stories available to your followers even after the 24 hours? Just Add them to your Highlights and voila. Your Stories will be available on your profile in the Highlights section.

Instagram Highlights enable brands to curate multiple Stories so that their followers can watch them at their convenience; this will allow you to make your content evergreen.

How to Design Instagram Stories That Captivate your Followers

2- Use stickers, polls, and other interactive stories features

The poll feature on Instagram Stories can help you engage your followers better. It also lets you get to know them better as well as their preferences. This features can help you create content that resonates with your target audience. When you ask about their opinions, you will receive some significant data, and they’ll feel more valued and connected to your brand.

How to Design Instagram Stories That Captivate your Followers

3- Create User-Generated Content

An excellent way to use Stories to engage your audience is to leverage user-generated content (UGC). Encourage your audience to feature your products in their Stories and to tag your brand in them.

You can offer some inspiration so that users are motivated to share their experiences using your products. You could give them freebies or even an opportunity to be featured on your Instagram page.

User-generated content can save you a lot of time and energy. It allows you to promote your products without being too salesy or pushy. It also helps you build credibility and gain the trust of your target audience.

How to Design Instagram Stories That Captivate your Followers

4- cooperate Influencers

Influencer marketing is excellent for promoting your products and is common on most social media platforms.

You can use Stories for influencer marketing in two ways:

  1. You can share product pictures or videos with your influencers and ask them to use them in their next Stories.
  2. You can ask influencers to create their own Story that features your brand.

5- Share Personal Stories

People have an intrinsic curiosity about the way things work. To tap into that curiosity, you can share stories about your brand or products, customer experiences, the process of production, or even your agents. impressing your viewers with behind-the-scenes Stories which help you humanize your business and connect with your audiences on a deeper level.

How to Design Instagram Stories That Captivate your Followers


Instagram Stories are here to stay. If you aren’t using them yet, you are definitely missing out on a lot.

Have you made Stories a part of your Instagram marketing strategy yet? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.



Instagram is testing a donation sticker for its Stories feature, as found by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong. The feature looks similar to what Facebook offers with its donation and fundraising tools for personal or charity reasons.

Based on her screenshot, it seems like people on Instagram will be able to search within a list of nonprofits to link straight to the sticker.

New Donation Sticker in Instagram Stories

This feature will give users the ability and option to fundraise for their favorite nonprofits. Even better, this will provide nonprofits with an entirely new platform for fundraising Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories recently hit a milestone of 500 million daily active users, so this is an assuring option for nonprofits or any other organization with a significant focus on fundraising.

For the nonprofits with fewer followings on Instagram, it might be the best time for you to start partnering with an influencer in their niche. Influencers and Brands love proving they care about a cause and can help you reach a broader audience and promote your cause — win, win.

Currently, though, this donation sticker is still in experiment mode. In the meantime, the rest of us will have to stick with the classic “swipe up” feature to link.

instazood-automation tools for Instagram



People use Instagram to express themselves and share their personal, aesthetic perspectives every day. To celebrate Black History Month in the U.S and to honor the Black community on the platform, Instagram is kicking off #ShareBlackStories this year.

on the official account of Instagram on the platform, you will see stories from great creators along with short films featuring distinct voices, from will smith’s overbook entertainment.

Share Black Stories on Instagram

You can Share Black Stories by using the new creative tools, conceptualized with Black voices on Instagram, including beautiful camera effects inspired by the rich cultural history of storytelling through African cloth patterns.

These effects are available now with themes of family, bravery and good fortune. To use them, open your Stories camera and tap on the effects button. There are also some custom templates designed by community illustrator “LoveisWise” and a new #ShareBlackStories sticker in the Stories sticker tab to try out.

Follow the #ShareBlackStories hashtag to see more of the fantastic stories their community creates. The sticker and camera effects are available on iOS and Android in the US.

instazood-automation tools for Instagram



You can now share what you are binge-watching on Netflix with your friends on Instagram. Netflix rolled out a new feature which allows you to share movies and TV shows on your Instagram stories.

Currently available for iOS users only, Netflix movie titles can now be shared on Instagram stories, directly!

Before this, Netflix allowed people to share titles only on Instagram Direct. You can find this option via the share button on the Netflix app. Along with more app integrations like WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, and Line. Netflix users can share either TV shows or movies directly on their Instagram Stories. The chosen TV Show or movie will have a full spread on Instagram Stories. Users can decide to share the story as it is or edit it, TechCrunch reported.

How to share Netflix movies on Instagram?

New Feature for Binge Watchers

Like other Instagram Stories, you can add text, stickers or emoji on the picture. In addition to this, the Netflix titles shared will also include a clickable link. Users who have the Netflix app on their phone will see an option to “Watch on Netflix.” clicking on this link will direct them to the Netflix app, and they can start watching the shared movie or TV show right away.

New Feature for Binge Watchers

This feature is presently available for iOS users only, but Netflix is working on bringing it to Android. There isn’t a definite launch date for the Android roll out as yet.

Netflix on Instagram Stories: New Feature for Binge Watchers

Instagram started its third-party app integration for Stories last May. It enables users to share information from other platforms on their Instagram Stories. It supports apps like GoPro and Spotify to share songs and pictures. Instagram Stories which is increasingly becoming more successful than the platform itself has over 400 million active users.