Instagram is one of the most used social apps at the moment. So if your business is not using it, then there’s a serious problem with your marketing strategy! The platform currently has more than 800 million users a month, and that number can increase by the end of 2018.

If your business isn’t on Instagram yet, you need to create a business account now!

Instagram is a very successful platform for businesses since it allows new users to find you via some different ways if you make use of top Instagram marketing strategies. But just because you’re posting engaging photos at times, your target audience is mostly in the app doesn’t mean your business will see a dramatic rise in likes, interest, and views. There are still some main frustrating problems with the app for many businesses. Here are a few issues your business might encounter with your Instagram marketing strategy and some ways to fix them so that you get the most out of the platform to benefit your business:

Sometimes you can’t post around the right times Instagram says your followers will most likely engage, which means you’ll miss out on a big window of fans seeing your post. Posting at the right times can mean more engagement and eyes on your posts, but if the app that you’re using suggests a time that doesn’t fit with your schedule, what are you to do? Easy, use a time-saving scheduling app that will allow you to create a queue of posts and then schedule them to run at the best times for your brand’s engagement.

Trying to flip through different accounts can be tricky with Instagram. If you want to switch between your account and your brand’s account, you can easily use a third-party app that features multiple account support. This way you can see everything as it relates to all your accounts at the same time. By investing in a third-party app, you’ll save time and be able to see all your IG accounts at once, being able to work the app more efficiently.

When you’re running a business, you have to spread your time wisely to oversee everything. Sometimes posting on all social media networks individually can be too time-consuming. However, it’s necessary to keep your followers engaged and posted regularly is highly recommended. To save time, use a third-party app that allows you to connect to all of your social media accounts so that you can use one program to schedule all of your content. In one hour, you’ll be able to share on Instagram and Facebook, and any others account you have instead of having to do each one individually.

Like Facebook, Instagram has its algorithm, so those that engage with you more will see your posts more than people who don’t. To have enough exposure and engagement, it’s recommended that you run Instagram ads to increase your exposure to your fan base and others that might be interested in your brand. A few dollars can go a long way with Instagram ads!